From the classics like the lightning-speed Space Mountain to new favorites like the “Cars"-themed Radiator Springs Racers in Disney’s California Adventure park, Disneyland has always been — and will always be — the Happiest Place on Earth.
This year is the 60th anniversary of the opening of the world’s most famous theme park, Disneyland. The festivities and celebrations for this diamond anniversary will begin May 22.
From Mary Todd Lincoln to Eleanor Roosevelt to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis to our current first lady Michelle Obama, the first ladies have always been just as important and newsworthy as their husbands.
College graduations are happening all over America and one of the signature trademarks of any commencement ceremony is the commencement speaker and the speech that is given, which can range from inspirational to funny to powerful.
From Henry Fonda in “Young Mr. Lincoln” to Daniel Day-Lewis’ Oscar-winning portrayal in “Lincoln” to animated depictions of “Honest Abe” on TV, the legendary and beloved president has been portrayed in movies and on TV on numerous occasions.
From the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota to the many elementary schools, colleges and universities named after Lincoln, there are many tributes to the “Great Emancipator,” both large and small.
From the very geometrical Geisel Library at the University of California, San Diego, to the very Hogwarts-esque libraries at the University of Michigan and the University of Washington that resemble churches, reading and studying have never been more aesthetically gorgeous.
From Easter eggs and the Easter bunny to egg jarping and bottle kicking in England to witches in Sweden to the “Easter Bilby” in Australia, Easter is celebrated in many creative ways and with many interesting traditions.
From the powerhouse Ivies including frequent list topper Harvard and Columbia to the “New Ivies” including New York University and Stanford University, both parents and students think more alike than one would expect.
From the legends including William Shakespeare to ancient poets like Homer to American treasures like Robert Frost, there is a plethora of talented poets in history.
There’s a lot more history behind St. Patrick’s Day than wearing green, searching for leprechauns and patiently looking for four-leaf clovers.
From the 2010 film “Alice In Wonderland” starring Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway to last year’s blockbuster “Maleficent” starring Angelina Jolie to this year’s highly-anticipated “Cinderella” starring Lily James, Disney has a rich history of making live-action movies based on their animated classics.
From the beautiful beachside campus of Pepperdine University overlooking the Pacific Ocean, to the gorgeous Collegiate Gothic architecture of Duke University and the University of Chicago, to the traditional yet stunning Ivy League campuses of Harvard, Yale and Columbia, America is full of campuses that please the eye.
High school student, accomplished writer and literature aficionado Spencer Sanders wrote an epic poem, “A Poetic Parody on Plagiarism,” that will test your knowledge of the most legendary and most quoted poets in history.
From reality TV alums and pop stars David Archuleta, Lexi Walker and Dinah Jane Hansen of girl group Fifth Harmony to five Super Bowl stars to up-and-coming high fashion model Lucky Blue Smith, Mormons are going strong in various fields.
First-time winners took over Hollywood with actors Eddie Redmayne and J.K. Simmons, actresses Patricia Arquette and Julianne Moore and musicians Common and John Legend winning big at the 2015 Oscars.
From skiing in the snowy mountains of Aspen to the fancy yacht clubs of Sag Harbor, it’s the least well-known cities in America that are the most romantic.
In the world of beloved Disney movies, there are plenty of quotes and songs about romance and good relationships that will inspire you, encourage you and guide you through the game of love.
From F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” to John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men,” these books take us straight back to our high school English and American literature classes and to nostalgic memories of those books forever sitting in our backpacks.
From the most religious schools in America to the most affordable colleges in the country to the colleges with students that are both hot and smart, the LDS Church-owned university has definitely been in the top-ranking college spotlight in recent years.
With three popular YouTube personalities set to interview President Obama on Jan. 22, two days after his State of the Union, YouTube is the soapbox of the world and “YouTubers” are the ones standing on the soapbox, redefining the word “celebrity.”
In the U.S. and all around the world, the civil rights activist, Nobel Peace Prize winner and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient is commemorated through powerful statues, thought-provoking and beautiful murals and towns whose humble streets are proud to bear King’s name.
From the triumphant return of Star Wars to Marvel superheroes to cute talking creatures to a live-action version of a beloved Disney princess classic, Disney is going to dominate the box office this year.
From marriage shoutouts to proud parents to sibling support, this year’s star-studded Golden Globes had plenty of emotional and powerful moments that will bring you to tears. Fame doesn’t last, but family does.
Get ready to settle on the couch with your family! There are plenty of great TV shows premiering this year that are guaranteed to be both entertaining and funny for you and your kids.
A new year means new music. From Adele to Coldplay to Kelly Clarkson, our favorite musicians and bands are putting out some new albums this year, many of which are family-friendly.
The 2013 Academy Award winner for Best Original Song was the most popular song of 2013 and the most popular song to be sung in the most adorable manner by fathers and daughters in 2014.