Eighth-grade students at Hillside Middle School recently got a peek into what their futures will hold, by visiting high school classes they’ll be able to enroll in next year.
From the Pledge of Allegiance to capitalism curriculum, classroom instruction is at the center of a handful of recently-introduced bills at the Utah Legislature.
A proposal that would overhaul education funding for Utah high school students was held up in a House committee Wednesday so it can be further evaluated and amended.
A $3 million program that would fund computer programs for special needs children — particularly children with autism — in early grades passed out of a Senate committee Tuesday.
Improving and evaluating school leadership is now at the heart of a bill that originally hinged on performance pay for teachers and loosening termination laws.
A bill that would have banished all talk of contraception from public schools was amended and passed by a House committee Thursday.
A second attempt by Rep. Chris Herrod, R-Provo, to eliminate tenure from university professors failed in a House committee Wednesday.
Alan Bachman hopes the scene of local Jews and Muslims literally breaking bread Sunday will be a type for other gatherings the world over.
As lawmakers discuss preschool options and school technology aids this session, one program that already combines the two is more than halfway through its trial.
Raising kids who don’t hurt others isn’t enough for Gina Taylor. She wants her kids to be the kind of people who step in to protect others, regardless of the social implications. But that kind of initiative can be hard to come by in the microcosm that is high school, where teens are hard wired to value friendship above all.
Information about school community councils and council elections is too often unclear and unavailable to the public, according to a legislative audit released Thursday.
Hogle Zoo visitors braved the cold, rainy weather to see the big cats on display at the zoo’s Cats and Cocoa event last week.
A state senator is worried that many women aren’t getting potentially life-saving information about their health
A bill that would require all high school students in the state to take a college entrance exam passed out of the Senate on Wednesday.
A bill that would overhaul the student assessment test system used by the state’s public schools advanced out of committee Tuesday.
Sen. Karen Morgan wasted no time on the first day of the 2012 legislative session in unveiling a bill that would place caps on elementary class sizes.
High school buildings these days just aren’t what they used to be — and that’s an intentional change by districts to benefit students, taxpayers and the environment.
Money and a hope for better collaboration this year are top of mind for legislators and educators alike as the 2012 legislative session convenes Monday.
Corner Canyon High will not be associated with derogatory references toward women, nor will it be “BYU North,” according to the Canyons Board of Education.
When Liz Holloran asks one boy in her classroom why he does so well on tests, or why he’s so responsible at studying and homework, she always gets the same answer: “My Mom.”
Exactly which public and higher education issues will rise to the top during the 2012 legislative session remain to be seen after policymakers discussed issues facing the state Tuesday. Two hundred elected officials, lobbyists, nonprofit leaders and business officials met Friday to weigh in on issues ranging from charter schools to eliminating the state’s caucus system.
The Provo Board of Education has named Bob Gentry as interim school district superintendent.