Naomi Schaefer Riley is a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a Deseret News contributor and the author of “No Way to Treat a Child: How the Foster Care System, Family Courts, and Racial Activists Are Wrecking Young Lives,” among other books.

A lawsuit over a transgender student in Wyoming highlights the need for single-sex spaces.
Communities of single mothers may solve some problems of child rearing, but they generate others.
The long history of hatred gets lost when everything is reduced to lessons on how to be kind.
A new movie shows a dad who is heavily involved with his son’s sport. But what happens when we miss too much?
Will our communities ever return to a point where decisions can be made without the input of Twitter or the courts?
Tradition is not just about following religious laws. It’s also about performing the same rituals year in and year out, no matter where we are.
Religious conservatives believe that small actions by individuals can make a difference, while secular people think they have no control.
A new report finds that 61% of Utah infants were adopted within 18 months, compared with fewer than 15% nationally.
When we talk about achieving the American dream, we rarely mention the kind of family structure that is most conducive to economic success.
Younger women are more likely than baby boomers to report feeling insecure about their abilities. Could the problem have something to do with the education they received?
Companies are trying to build family like cultures, even while laying people off.
Children need to know that marriage can be a bedrock for a lifetime of fulfillment, and steel them through hard times and tragedy.
The story of romance author Susan Meachen shows just how far some people will go to escape a toxic internet addiction.
There are few adults who care more about protecting a child’s mind from harmful images than parents.
Colleges and high schools are increasingly reluctant to test students’ abilities. Artificial intelligence apps won’t help.
Kate Winslet is right that the world of social media and cyberbullying is disturbing. But there are steps parents can take to protect their children.
When it’s not art but pornography, it’s past time to push back
The sentence given to Elizabeth Holmes, who is pregnant, brings to the fore a problem in criminal justice — what to do about new mothers convicted of crimes.
Children take longer to launch than in the past. How long should parents continue to help them?
A long-established theory of child development is being challenged by a progressive ideology. If it prevails, children will suffer.
Angela Lansbury, who died this week, moved her family to escape potential calamity, just as her mother did.
Paint isn’t appropriate attire, but neither is a sports bra. Some young women haven’t gotten the memo.
Sisterhood is not as powerful as some people claim, and women can learn from male coworkers, too.
The comedian and actress says that egg freezing enables women to have children ‘on their own terms,” making fathers unnecessary.
With states passing strict abortion laws, some people are calling for more sex education, but most women seeking abortions are way past school age.
Nonprofits should be evaluated by their results, not the retelling of tragic stories.
The New Yorker’s ‘family issue’ is out and starkly shows the divide between media elites and the rest of us.
Politicians are talking down to Americans and will pay for it in future elections.
College campuses devoid of purpose and community are producing students who are aimless and sad.