During a visit to Salt Lake City, Denis McDonough discussed access to medical care, funding for veteran services, rising housing costs.
District officials say they’ve been dealing with a school bus driver shortage all year, just like other school districts all over the country. Spokeswoman Sandy Reisgraf says 18 drivers didn’t show up for work Monday for multiple reasons, and it caused a massive delay.
Dr. Amanda Bakian, who co-authored the study, said health care officials used to believe 1 out of every 58 8-year-olds in Utah were on the autism spectrum. However, the latest data shows autism rates were actually much higher.
Salt Lake City officials say the site of the old Raging Water/Seven Peaks water park, which closed its gates in 2018, can’t be used for anything other than recreation or green space, so no commercial or residential developments will go there. But city officials still want the Glendale community to provide input on what should take its place.
The message, warning people about the administration’s zero tolerance policy for not following the rules, features children explaining to adults that adults should behave better in the air.
Janie Lynn Ridd is in prison after she pleaded guilty in June to buying bacteria that causes staff infections on the dark net to use on her longtime roommate.
The city of Clearfield has some big aspirations to redevelop a section of land it is in the process of purchasing for $4.75 million. The city is currently under contract to purchase the Clearfield Mobile Home Park at 442 S. State.
The mother of a Utahn being held in a Venezuelan prison is feeling more hopeful her son will be released after meeting with some of Utah’s congressional delegation and White House staff this week.
Embattled former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff is trying his hand at business with a startup nicotine mist company that he helped his brother found.
Canyons School District made several boundary changes at the start of the last school year, altering many walking routes to schools in the process. District officials are asking schools to look over the routes and determine if there are any problems.
Construction of a pair of hotels in Murray is scheduled to be complete in the summer of 2014, but that may be too long for some area businesses to survive.
Law enforcement officials and health experts are warning about the dangers of inhaling alcohol.
West Valley City leaders say four ZIP codes — 84118, 84119, 84120 and 84128 — are technically listed as Salt Lake City, even though they’re really part of West Valley City.
A Salt Lake area paramedic is recovering from serious injuries after being run over by an impaired driver in a minivan.
Traffic studies are under way along six roadways to help the city determine how it can better coordinate traffic lights.
Educators in southern Utah say they’ve noticed students have become more engaged in their education over the years, and an online program may be one reason why.
The FrontRunner South rail line, which goes from Salt Lake City to Provo, will be up and running on Dec. 10, according to the Utah Transit Authority.
About 60 percent of taxpayers in the U.S. will use tax professionals this year to prepare and file their tax returns, according to the IRS
Some industry insiders say there are ways parents can pick the right one.
Many Utahns may be surprised at how certain things they already have may be making their home insurance rates go up.
Bluffdale officials are turning to residents to help solve problems with confusing speed limits.
Police are pursuing charges against a mother who made her son run alongside a moving car she was driving.
SALT LAKE CITY — Pioneer Day is a time for family fun and fireworks, but for some pets the festivities can cause a great deal of stress.
Professors at the University of Utah are preparing a brand new type of math class for this fall. The instructors’ main goal is to find out why a lot of us hate math so much.
SALT LAKE CITY — The bigger travel networks can give upgrades to their clients rather easily. To become affiliated with the big networks, vacation properties need to have these amenities ready to go.