Utahns can leave on their doorsteps bags or boxes filled with nonperishable food items by 9 a.m. Saturday, and Boy Scouts assisted by the National Guard across the state will pick them up.
Women’s voices from every stripe of life converged in the Capitol rotunda for a rally on the final day of the 2018 Utah Legislature.
A House committee recommended a bill to the House that increases the penalty for causing “substantial bodily injury” to a police officer or an employee of a correctional facility.
A House committee Monday advanced a bill to increase the penalty for sexual exploitation of a minor in certain situations.
Students from various Salt Lake schools gathered at the Capitol on Monday to demand that the Legislature act on air quality legislation before the 2018 general session ends at midnight Thursday.
A bill creating a black license plate with white characters passed the Senate Friday.
A couple of minimum wage bills aiming to increase the wages of Utah workers failed in a House committee on Thursday.
The Senate passed a bill that would nullify Park City’s ban on plastic bags and pre-empt other municipalities from passing similar ordinances.
Two bills addressing the affordable housing crisis in Utah advanced in a House committee this week.
Utah lawmakers are considering legislation that would create a new classification of crime for drug-induced homicide.
Students for Liberty of Utah placed crosses on the south steps of the Capitol to remember the victims of the recent Florida school shooting and to raise funds for a local youth mental health clinic.
The Utah House passed a bill that will allow bicyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs and traffic lights as stop signs.
A committee OK’d a bill to waive the fees for government IDs like birth certificates for homeless people.
A legislative committee voted Friday in favor of a bill that would increase the penalties for driving under the influence if the individual was also driving in the wrong direction on a freeway or controlled-access highway.
A Davis County lawmaker is sponsoring a bill that would require truck drivers in Utah to be trained to spot victims of human trafficking before they can renew their commercial driver’s license.
A Utah Senate committee unanimously supported a bill that would require correctional facilities to report to the state on in-custody inmate deaths, treatment services for inmates with an opiate addiction and prescriptions withheld from inmates.
A Senate committee OK’d a resolution that would call on cities and communities across Utah to work together to thwart rising gang violence.
The Senate passed a bill that prohibits law enforcement quotas from being placed on officers.
House Majority Leader Brad Wilson, R-Kaysville, called the idea that Utahns can find cheaper drugs by importing them from another country a “snipe hunt.” But Rep. Norm Thurston, R-Provo, is sponsoring a bill that he says would do just that.
The third time was a charm for Rep. Christine Watkins, R-Price, who found support from a House committee on her proposal to repeal the requirement that motorists have vehicle registration in the car.
The House passed HJR6, which commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act. The bill’s sponsor praised the Fair Housing Act as a boon for health, education and economic opportunities for Utahns.
Senate Minority Leader Gene Davis, D-Salt Lake City, was frustrated Friday after his bill making it a crime to leave an animal tethered outside without adequate shelter was held by a legislative committee.
The fledgling United Utah Party announced four candidates for three legislative races and one commissioner seat Wednesday.
A bill to designate the Utahraptor as the state dinosaur sailed through a House committee Thursday.
A bill that would have banned smoking and tobacco use on the Utah Capitol grounds was snuffed out Thursday by the House.
The House Government Operations Committee voted unanimously to advance a bill that will allow 17-year olds to vote in primary elections as long as they turn 18 on or before the general election.
Utahns would be free to stand their ground in self-defense situations under a bill that passed the House on Monday.
The Senate Business and Labor Committee approved a bill that will bring back black license plates in a special plate for the Utah State Historical Society
Food trucks would get more even protection from what a Utah lawmaker calls discriminatory licensing and zoning laws under a bill approved by a Senate committee Monday.
Lawmakers hit the brakes on a bill that would have given police the authority to pull over motorists for using their hands to answer phone calls while driving.