Though Biden is a devoted Catholic and arguably the most religious president in recent years, he supports a pro-choice position on abortion. How can he be both?
The Utah Debate Commission was created to foster impartial, substantial debates. But the primary debates are at risk.
In the 20th century, most nominees were confirmed by a bipartisan vote. Today, the votes are mostly partisan. That means Americans have a serious problem.
Utah can be an example for a nation that desperately needs civility and respect
From decreased poverty to increased education, 2020 wasn’t all bad.
If this is the taste of debates for the future, people well may wonder whether they are worth having. Some have suggested the fall presidential debates be scrapped altogether.
Former Republicans, Democrats and independents are joining our ranks because they are tired of the extremism of the two major parties.
In the United States, our political philosophy of fairness rejects tactics. But we need to do more to maintain a free and fair electoral process, particularly in Utah.
We want to provide a home for the politically homeless. Who are these homeless? They are moderate Republicans, Democrats and independents who are tired of the extremism of the two major parties. We are a party at the center of Utah voters.
The Kennedy years were filled with hope in the future. Americans were much less cynical, more trusting, more committed to a common cause of reinforcing American exceptionalism — the sense that America is a special, unique place.
Not only do we not have a president who understands that threat and seeks to do something about it, instead we have one who is willing to give classified information to Russia and let Putin get his way.
The gospel of Jesus Christ is neither conservative nor progressive. There is no set political theology that defines the LDS Church. The main point of Jesus’ ministry was redemption, not ideology.
Admittedly, LePen’s victory would have been a huge upset, but Macron’s was significant because he was not a candidate of either of the two major parties that have governed France since 1958.
The 2020 presidential election is already underway. For most people, that is a fact they would rather avoid. Yet it is just the reality of the permanent campaign we now experience in American politics.
Republicans should not be too quick to criticize the Democrats’ current tactics. Many Republicans are likely to do the same thing once Democrats take over again in four or eight years. The cycle will be repeated.
Big government developed in response to the political and economic power of big business. Without some counterweight, these businesses would be able to do what they wanted without accountability to others.
Sen. Orrin Hatch announced Monday that he planned to run for yet another term, despite his reassurance to Utah voters that the 2012 campaign would be his last. Hatch’s bid for an eighth term is an endorsement of term limits.
Both the Democrats and the Republicans have placed their own partisan interests above those of the Senate and the court. They have ill-served us as Americans. We will be the losers.
Will President Trump change his governing style and even his personality to succeed in the job Americans elected him to hold and from which those who voted for him expect achievement?
Republicans argued that Democrats should respect President Trump’s nominee, although ironically in a way the Republicans never respected President Obama’s.
When Rep. Jason Chaffetz recently advised poor people to spend less on their cellphones so they could buy insurance, he was exposing his own attitudes about the poor.
The governor should take the lead in pressuring the Legislature to increase dramatically the level of education financing. Gov. Herbert wants the state’s public education system to excel, as do we all.
Utah state government officials should be held to a higher standard than those in the federal government. Yet, the recent case of Sean Reyes and the Trump administration indicates that is not true.
As a young man, George Washington never considered becoming president of the United States. There was no such country. He was a loyal British citizen who lived in one of the Empire’s colonies – Virginia.
Not only does abortion involve two people, but one of those persons is highly vulnerable because she or he has no voice in the life or death decision of abortion.
Presidents do not make such statements. They are the province of extremist conspiracy theorists who cannot distinguish between good and bad governments because they see all governments as bad.
What also is ironic is that it may take some time for LDS Church members to realize the loss to the LDS Church of Sen. Harry Reid’s retirement from Senate leadership.
I acknowledge that Donald J. Trump is the legal president of the United States. He won the electoral process. However, on the emotional level, I can understand why many Americans do not accept Trump as president.