Samuel Benson is a staff writer for the Deseret News National team, focusing on politics and culture. His work has been featured in The New Haven Register, The Orange County Register, The National Interest, The Harvard Crimson, and elsewhere. When not writing or reading, Benson enjoys cycling and hiking in Utah’s beautiful outdoors.

The violent death of Rex Lee Sr. split St. Johns, Arizona, in two. The town is trying to move on.
A panel discussion on ethical journalism, hosted by the Deseret News in Washington, D.C., debated the ethics of this week’s Supreme Court leak.
Democrats believe the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade could breathe new life into their efforts to maintain control of Congress.
I sat down with Sen. Lee last year to discuss the 2020 election investigation. Some newly released texts complicate what he told me then.
Jack Rutter, a Utah-based musician who uses the spoonerism “Ritt Momney” as his stage name, was in Washington for a concert
Thomas B. Griffith introduced Ketanji Brown Jackson before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday. Now he’s trying to introduce America to a different kind of politics.
The activist ditches Idaho Republican Party, calling it “corrupt and wicked.”
Jon McNaughton released a Trump-themed NFT collection last week.
Harry Reid’s legacy started with his rise from poverty in rural Nevada, eventually becoming the U.S. Senate majority leader.
The NBA executive recently stepped away from the highest echelons of the sports world. He’s now finding his next big act closer to home.
Sales figures can be alluring to some, but many never come close to those numbers.
GOP candidates in state and national races are using explosions, guns and ammo in their commercials.
The controversial activist promises to ‘take back’ federally owned land.
Prominent Trump critic Evan McMullin is joining the 2022 U.S. Senate race. He says he’s not the only one.
The U.S. military withdrawal included an “underground railroad”-style evacuation of thousands of Afghan allies.
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach takes an unorthodox approach to Orthodox Judaism.
Steve Schmidt, co-founder of The Lincoln Project, sought to take down Donald Trump. But some believe he took himself down in the process.
At a national level, claims of voter fraud or irregularities sufficient to change the outcome of the 2020 election have not prevailed in courts of law.
“The only thing we know is that we will not survive,” one Afghan ally of the U.S. military told the Deseret News
John Sullivan, a self-proclaimed “journalist-slash-activist,” recorded 39 minutes of the Capitol attack on Jan. 6. It may get him sent to prison.
Tamyra Mensah-Stock, after becoming the first Black U.S. woman wrestler to win gold, said, “I love representing the U.S. I freaking love living there.”
Prominent Utah and national conservatives headlined a Founding Fathers-themed ice cream eating contest in Herriman, Utah
The Biden administration is encouraging door-to-door outreach to educate about the COVID vaccine. ‘Faith-based approaches’ may be more effective, poll says.
The largest investment in infrastructure in nearly a century passed a procedural vote Wednesday night in the U.S. Senate.
Matthias Cicotte, the former Alaska assistant attorney general who allegedly runs a #DezNat-related Twitter account, is no longer employed, the Anchorage Daily News reported on Tuesday.
The U.S. is on track to admit an astonishingly low number of refugees this year. Many of them are fleeing religious persecution.
Some affiliated with #DezNat have hurled bigotry and vitriol at their opponents on social media for years.
A new group called “Republicans for Voting Rights” challenges Trump’s election fraud claims.
As the U.S. finishes its withdrawal from Afghanistan, thousands of Afghan interpreters and aides are left without protection.
150 years after Utah women were the first to vote, more and more are participating in politics — including two candidates for the U.S. Senate.