No, Kendall Jenner and Tom Brady don’t want to be your friend. And the chatbots aren’t real, no matter what they say.
Many Americans now believe that the liberal arts are a waste of time and money. Is this because we’ve strayed from the purpose of higher ed?
Sometimes made-up stories tell us more about the world than non-fiction books.
Some philosophers believe it’s not only possible, but necessary, to eliminate all physical and emotional pain. But what kind of life would that be?
We are drowning out the voices of those we love in favor of the voices of people who know nothing about us.
In desecrating art, like Rome’s Trevi Fountain, climate activists strike at the earthly manifestations of the divine.
Mothers are the angels in the wilderness around us, and our children depend on them — as does the world.
Our clothes are a measure of our cultural health. In our society of sweats, the prognosis is not good
Standing before a painting that showed the humanity of the crucified Christ, the Russian novelist was said to be “dumbstruck.”
In centuries past, holidays were days of holiness, not just time off work. This helps to explain why so many people today fail to find rest.
Companies like Synthesis teach real-life skills such as dealing with failure and risk.
George Washington had no biological children, but we are his legacy, and we separate ourselves from him at our peril.
Some researchers in longevity science are trying to bypass the biological limits of the human body with no regard for the soul.
The tennis stars showed the importance of rivals in our personal development — and what we lose when we resist all opposition.
The technology is revolutionary, but the world will still need its Melvilles, Faulkners and da Vincis.