Insurance companies and law enforcement agencies agree that etching your car’s VIN into the glass can protect your car from theft, and it could also save you money on insurance.
The long-term effects of each presidential candidate’s tax plans could have different pitfalls and benefits to the nation’s economy.
Using common household items you already own as alternatives to expensive store-bought goods could help you save money with hardly any effort.
In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the Federal Trade Commission is warning storm victims to be on the lookout against potential scams that could ruin their lives even more.
The Economic Security Index, which measures how many households saw a 25 percent or higher drop in their disposable income in a year, fell 1.3 percentage points, meaning household incomes are stabilizing.
More than 80 percent of retail managers with the ability to hire believe seasonal workers are the best resource for finding full-time employees.
Since the end of the Great Recession, banks have made increasingly better offers on credit cards in order to attract customers with good credit scores, but some banks didn’t get the memo.
There are several places that encourage impulse buying in children, but there are steps parents can take to have their children make better buying decisions.
A former closing salesman for fraudulent companies made millions over the period of one decade until the FBI busted him in 2004.
Most Americans feel the availability of credit cards doesn’t motivate them to go on spending sprees just because they can.
Large amounts of Facebook use may be related to high credit card debt and weight gain.
Though it is not known whether good leaders are naturally qualified or trained, leadership traits can be recognized and cultivated in children.
While Hurricane Sandy threatens to hit the Atlantic Coast, it could also slow down the sales of unaffected homes after the storm passes.
In the war on identity theft, thieves have changed their strategies to counteract preventive measures by the government.
While it can be hard to not use money in your savings account when you are don’t earn much, there are many reasons why saving while you are young is a good idea.
Facing a foreclosure on their home of 20 years, a Georgia family decided to give some things away on Craigslist. Little did they know that the ad would cause chaos.
People often start living on a budget without the proper planning, which inevitably keeps them from sticking to it.
A little bit of planning can avoid bad traffic on your daily commute, which can waste fuel and money.
Among college graduates one year out of school, women earn 23 percent less than men of similar backgrounds — though a recent study says that figure may be hard to track.
Workers for companies smaller than 100 employees are 25 percent more likely to be happy.
Former Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight is selling sports memorabilia he collected throughout his life in order to pay for his grandkids’ college education.
Though people ages 18 to 35 want to own a home, 69 percent say the housing bust has helped them know more about buying a home than their parents did at their age
Companies are increasingly using online resources to get work done, a trend that could reduce full-time opportunities.
After unknowingly buying a house that was used as an illegal meth lab, one Oregon couple is planning to petition Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to run methamphetamine residue tests on homes they list.
During flu season, employees may be tempted to come in while they are sick instead of going home to recover.
Francine Bostick, a custodial manager for Kansas University, spent down $120,000 in credit card bills in five years, according to Money Talks News.
After weeks of rumors, Apple officially announced the iPad mini, with prices starting at $329 for a 16GB Wifi model, $170 cheaper than the iPad 4 that was also announced at Apple’s live event.
Do you have less than $500 in savings? You’re not alone.
Four out of the nine swing states that could ultimately decide the election posted a decrease in average saving account balances from 2010 to 2011.
American companies are taking care of underfunded pension programs by transferring funds or offering voluntary payouts to employees.