You can see Hamas as a terrorist organization and believe that Israel has a right to defend itself without condoning unethical, immoral or criminal actions
Nationalism is sometimes described as patriotism on steroids, but that’s not quite right.
Trump himself stated that ‘No one will be above the law.’ That includes him
The leading cause of death for children in the U.S. is firearms. Are we willing to live with this?
According to George Washington, good moral character is key to leadership. How does Evan McMullin hold up?
The 2022 Utah Senate race hinges on the Republican primary election, and unaffiliated voters could turn the tide — if they affiliate.
In 1896, Utah was the first state in the Union to elect a female state senator — Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon. But Utah has yet to send a woman to Washington as a senator. Becky Edwards is a compassionate moderate who listens and knows how to work with others to get things done.
If we can acknowledge these truths, we can emerge stronger.
Paradox requires an inclusive perspective and is, therefore, the perfect antidote to the polarizing false dilemma fallacy we are so often presented with in politics.