Stacey Kratz is a freelance writer and editor who lives in Midvale, Utah.

As the summer of high gas prices creeps ever closer, many Utahns are feeling that a summer vacation is out of the question. But just one long day’s drive away is Los Angeles, a city full of variety, fun and frolic — at a good price.
When you love skiing and snowboarding, you want your children to love it, too.
For Rosie and Stephen Boren of Midvale, skiing and snowboarding is not a pastime. It’s a fact of life.
Harry Potter fans can immerse themselves once more in the world of The Boy Who Lived when the final movie comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray on Friday with one more look at Harry’s final showdown with Voldemort and, hopefully, some nice extras and bonus features.
As I forked up my first bite of sashimi rice salad at Logan’s Takara Sushi last week, I had a strange realization: This was the first unfamiliar restaurant in a long time that I was visiting without planning to share it with Deseret News readers.
When I’m asked to name my favorite food, I usually say steak.
When I wrote about food strategies for road trips a couple of weeks ago, several readers informed me I’d forgotten a major category of easy-to-eat, low-mess foods: trail mix.
Doughnuts are so frequent a topic of conversation in our house that we have given them a nickname: donees (sample usage: “Did you get your chocolate donee today?”).
Every year, my three daughters participate in the National Federation of Music Clubs piano evaluations.
This has been a strange spring so far.
Something happened last weekend that has rarely happened before. Call it an Easter near-miracle.
Black Bear Diner is a chain restaurant that manages to feel like a local place.
My last Quick Bites item concerned sugar-free foods that my family has incorporated rather painlessly into our diet.
MIDVALE — As he tucked into a chicken sandwich and fries early Wednesday evening, Cody McMichael of Midvale was the picture of contentment — even though he’d had no sleep the night before, camped in a parking lot all day and faced the prospect of spending Wednesday night lying on asphalt in a rain-soaked tent.