Labor day plans began during the era of 12 hour work days, 6 days a week. Workers needed a break — but we still find many workers at their jobs today on a holiday intended for them.
By comparing Mike Pence with Al Gore a decade earlier, we can walk the difficult road they faced in conceding elections and preserving the peaceful transfer of power.
The first Memorial Day was celebrated during the Civil War. It’s since become a sacred day of remembrance.
With the change in our nation’s leadership on Jan. 20, we should hope the strength of American democracy will begin to be restored.
The oath of office is the only part of the ceremony that has stayed consistent since 1789.
Inaugurations can provide a reassuring sense of continuity to American governance, but sometimes the unexpected happens.
Over the past five decades, no other branch of American government has seen a larger decline in its level of public trust and confidence than Congress.
Sen. McCain was a courageous patriot who was able to find common ground with many who had vastly different philosophies.
While most developed countries have managed to control the coronavirus crisis, the United States still has no cohesive national strategy and no national testing plan.