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He called McCarthy the most “underestimated man in Washington, D.C.”
Here are updates on debt ceiling negotiations.
Before the vote in the House, Sen. Mike Lee gave an impassioned Senate floor speech against the bill.
Tributes to the congressman were posted by colleagues and friends Wednesday.
A vote is expected on the ‘Fiscal Responsibility Act’ on Wednesday.
On this Memorial Day, we asked the members of Utah’s congressional delegation to share with us why this day is important to them.
Lee also criticized Democrats who want to use 14th Amendment as workaround.
After serving several terms in the House and Senate, Mike Crapo is one of the most senior Republicans and ranking member on the powerful Senate Finance Committee.
Staggs is the first major candidate to announce a run for the seat and says he’ll run whether Romney is in or not.
Rep. Patrick McHenry says White House lacks ‘urgency’ in negotiations.
Utah Gov. Cox said he hopes Congress and Biden can find common ground. What does the House debt ceiling bill include?
The bill would help lower-income filers who don’t itemize but give to charity.
Utah Sen. Mike Lee said Monday the loss of trust in the FBI “is not a matter to be taken lightly.”
On CNN, Trump said he thinks voters will support him despite criminal allegations. What do the latest poll results say?
Owens said he thinks Salt Lake has a good chance of getting additional flights.
Trump doubled down on election fraud claims and was silent on abortion in town hall.
Romney made the comments to reporters a day after Trump was ordered to pay $5 million to writer E. Jean Carroll.
There is a “crisis at the border,” the senators wrote in a letter to the Homeland Security chief.
Republican senators are looking for ways to challenge the Biden administration rules changes.
The House passed a bill that would raise the debt ceiling and cut spending. Biden wants to address those issues separately.
In Utah on Friday, Romney also spoke about ethics at the Supreme Court and his 2024 plans.
Lee and other Republicans say they think attacks against the court are coordinated.
The day after he testified for 7 hours in front of a grand jury, Pence came to Utah, said GOP should focus on “the future”
Writer E. Jean Carroll is suing the former president over allegations that he raped her in the 1990s.
Respondents were also asked what kind of behavior students should be allowed to engage in when they disagree with a speaker.
The poll was provided to the Deseret News by a PAC that supports DeSantis
Lee says the U.S. should establish better trade relationships in its own hemisphere.