Their exploitation is viewed by millions of Web users. Communities unite against them. Their abuse, even their deaths, are often undocumented.
The Infiniti Coaches’ Charity Challenge, back for its third year, is a way coaches can make a difference in their communities and use their notoriety to help those in need.
New York City restaurant workers sing and dance to the tune of “Money” in a new video aimed at increasing the minimum wage and bringing attention to this sector of the workforce.
The Utah-based Ouelessebougou Alliance, which is dedicated to improving conditions in this remote region of Mali, recently partnered with LDS missionaries to prepare health and education kits for the villagers and teachers.
There is a direct link between domestic violence and homelessness for many people, experts and studies say, and the domestic violence shelters designed to help these victims are feeling the pressure as their funding and resources are drying up.
By talking with their loved ones beforehand and understanding all the implications of donation, family members can have an easier time with the donation process that saves lives every day.
Youths have great potential when they volunteer, which they do for social reasons, according to a new survey by
Tanna Orullian, 25, and her 4-year-old daughter, Sage, are busy putting up decorations and getting ready for Christmas in their room at the Road Home shelter in downtown Salt Lake City — not in their own apartment or home. A small Christmas tree decorated with a jet plane and a miniature frog sits in the corner and draws the attention of the extroverted child.
A third, 34.4 percent, of these volunteered through religious organizations last year, the highest percentage in any sector, according to the report.
A new report report released by the Corporation for National & Community Service found that national volunteering was at its highest in five years. Faith-based organizations also play a key role in how and why people volunteer.
Volunteers, including students from the University of Utah, spent Friday afternoon wrapping Christmas presents for more than 200 local refugee children.
Child marriage affects young girls in many ways, including their education, employment, life expectancy and and poverty levels. Organizations such as CARE and the Ford Foundation are working to end what is thought to be a preventable practice.
Inmates visited in prison do a better job of staying out of prison once they are released, according to a 2011 Minnesota Department of Corrections study.
Many wrongly convicted inmates receive little more than transportation fare upon release, according to reports, and struggle to integrate themselves back into society without government help.
Innovative marketing campaigns “can change communities and whole nations.” She might as well have been talking about the thousands of women who are transforming the philanthropic sector. Billionaires like Warren Buffett and Gates’ husband, Bill Gates, are taking notice.
Kenneth Feinberg was appointed by Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper Friday to oversee the Aurora Victim Relief Fund. Victim family members recently voiced their concerns about how money from the relief fund was being managed and distributed.
Bill Clinton’s annual philanthropic summit opened on Sunday with a focus on cooperation and practical solutions to combating poverty and improving world conditions. The theme this year was Designing for Impact.
Cancer has overtaken heart disease as the leading cause of death for U.S. Hispanics, and experts estimate cancer could overtake heart disease as the top U.S. killer overall as early as this year.
Latino poverty numbers declined slightly, according to the latest data from the US Census Bureau. Their report also finds that overall poverty numbers remained virtually the same from a year ago.
Not since the Great Depression has New York City seen this many homeless children living in shelters.
Military physicians wrote nearly 3.8 million prescriptions for pain medication in 2009, according to a recent report by the Institute of Medicine, which called substance abuse in the U.S. armed forces a “public health crisis.”
The surgeon general announced an updated suicide prevention plan on Monday, which will incorporate Facebook and make suicide prevention a part of routine health care. Preventing suicides among military personel will be a large facet of the plan.
Parents sending their children to private schools in California are more likely than public school parents to opt-out of immunizations for their children, according to recent analysis by the Associated Press.
Sunday, Sept. 9, is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Awareness Day and will serve as a reminder to pregnant women of the potential harm of drinking while pregnant. According to the CDC, FASDs include a wide range of physical and mental disabilities.
Many relatives of the Colorado theater shooting victims are vocally expressing their concerns about the Aurora Victims Relief Fund, claiming that their concerns and suggestions are not being adequately met or acknowledged by the charity.
Giving Library, a new website launched by The Laura and John Arnold Foundation, aims to help philanthropists easily investigate and donate to multiple charities in a more efficient and productive manner.
Medical apps that do everything from helping to manage diabetes to tracking fitness goals are emerging as viable tools for physicians and health care professionals to treat patients more effectively.
Deportation impacts more than just the immigrant being deported. Families and communities are all strongly affected by deportation, studies say, and deportation has risen in recent years under the Obama administration.
Texas is at its lowest incarceration rate in five years, and with other states like California posting lower rates, the increased implementation of rehabilitation programs in lieu of prison time appears to be paying off.
Urban gardens, part of the International Rescue Committee’s New Roots initiative, help refugees reconnect with their cultural rituals of growing and cultivating crops at several designated farms across the country.