Brittany Long Olsen uses Sunday to draw comics about her life, and this practice has now turned into two published graphic novels. The latest is titled “Comic Diaries Volume 1.”
“Called to Laugh: The Lighter Side of Missionary Life” includes funny stories and comics about Latter-day Saint missionaries.
Kristi Hartinger is still grieving the loss of her boyfriend who died more than a decade ago, never finding love again. However, all of that changes when she finds out Ace Samson never actually died in the novel “Sanctuary.”
The book “Heartfelt Ministering” is to help make each reader’s ministering experience very intentional, rather than mindless.
When Autumn Collins accidentally gets locked in a library with no access to a phone or computer, she doesn’t quite think things could get any worse. But she soon finds that she’s not the only one in the library, in “By Your Side.”
Abby Turner is an artist. At least, she thinks she is until she tries to enter an art show and Mr. Wallace, the museum curator where she works, tells her she has no heart in the novel, “Love, Life, and the List.”
Twelve-year-old Olivia enters every contest she can get her hands on, hoping one day she’ll win a better life for herself, her mom and her little sister, in “You May Already Be a Winner,” a middle grade book written by author Ann Dee Elllis.
The tale of a mermaid who falls in love with a prince and is willing to give up her life under the sea for a life on land is brought to the stage as Ballet West’s annual family series returns with its production of “The Little Mermaid.”
Fallon is a day away from turning 17, and the world is at her fingertips. That night, her plans go awry when she is captured as a slave and sold to be part of Julius Ceasar’s school for female gladiators.
On the night of Feb. 26, 2014, Doug and Marcia Hansen received a call from the hospital that changed their whole world. One of their daughters had been hit by a car and, with a less than 1 percent chance of making it, they needed a miracle.
For those Fablehaven fanatics who dream of one day co-authoring a book with New York Times best-selling author and Utah native Brandon Mull, his newest book to hit the shelves is their chance.
On the sixth anniversary a terrible car accident, Bree Despain sold her debut novel, which was part of a trilogy called The Dark Divine. And she just released a new book as a conclusion to her second trilogy, Into the Dark.
The house on Downington Avenue, on one of the oldest neighborhoods in Salt Lake City, has housed many families over the decades and holds a plethora of memories. Current resident Ivy Baygren is determined to find out who those memories belong to.
Sixteen-year-old Jaxon is committed to video game rehab just days before his first date with the only girl he’s ever made laugh.
Kristen Tracy’s novel “Project (Un)Popular” tells of best friends Perry and Venice, who are yearbook photographers for their middle school and decide to take the social injustice of middle school head-on.
Julie Berry’s most recent young adult novel, “The Passion of Dolssa,” was released April 12. The book is set in the 1200s and describes the lives of a group of people in France during the Catholic Crusades.
Native Utahn Brandon Mull continues to delight readers with the fourth installment of his Five Kingdoms series: “Death Weavers.”
When best friends Olivia and Piper start middle school, their worlds are shattered when they discover they only have one of their seven classes together. To stay close when they feel so far apart, they pass a notebook back and forth between classes.
The case of Amanda Pierce never quite went cold, though the woman hasn’t been seen for five years since she disappeared a few nights before her wedding in “All Dressed in White” by Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke.
“The Caretaker’s Guide to Fablehaven,” by Brandon Mull, will be released Oct. 13 and serves as a guide for fans to remember the world of Fablehaven and prepare for Mull’s new Dragonwatch series.
Everyone in the affluent New York City scene knows about the terrible Bennett scandal that happened just two years ago, and for one woman, knowing what actually happened could impact her life in “The Melody Lingers On” by Mary Higgins Clark.
To commemorate the 70-year anniversary of the Mystery Writers of America organization, Mary Higgins Clark headed a project compiling short stories from the most famous writers in the U.S. The result is “Manhattan Mayhem,” a compilation of mysteries.
“The Tulip Resistance” weaves a tale of the Dutch resistance and German forces during the Nazi invasion of Holland.
Cole Randolph and his comrades enter the third kingdom, Zeropolis, in search of the High King’s five daughters, so the daughters’ stolen powers can be retrieved and used to defeat the evil High King.
In a country with the threat of war breaking out between humans and dragons, half-dragons have to come together to find a solution that could end in either peace or destruction in Rachel Hartman’s “Shadow Scale.”
Being a superhero is extremely difficult without any superpowers, which is exactly why the Baileys are lying low for a while, or as they call it “hunkering down,” in “Searching for Super” by Utah author Marion Jensen.
Don Tillman has made some adjustments to his schedule in “The Rosie Project.” Which, considering his history of approaching every situation in a very methodical way, is no small thing.
Cole Randolph is quickly becoming a natural in the Outskirts, a place between wakefulness and dreaming where the Five Kingdoms are located in “Rogue Knight,” the second book in the series by Brandon Mull.
In Graeme Simsion’s book “The Rosie Project,” Don Tillman creates a 16-page questionnaire based on scientific principles that will help him find the perfect partner. He filters women when they don’t fit his requirements — until he meets Rosie.
A visit to the Sacred Grove enriches, enlightens and inspires those who walk those sacred grounds.