While it doesn’t always look like it outside, inversion season is in full swing this winter. Making small changes to your current lifestyle can yield great results when it comes to air quality. Here are five ways to show UCAIR about Utah’s air
Every time you start your car after it sits for a long period of time, you have a significant negative impact on the air quality.
If you’ve lived through a winter or two in Utah, you’ve probably heard the term “inversion” used to describe our weather. Here is everything you need to understand how inversions occur.
The aptly-named Running Up For Air (RUFA) was about more than just awareness, reminding Utah of an ever-present fact: The Salt Lake basin is steeped in smog and only by running up the mountainside can residents reach cleaner air.
The Utah Departments of Health and Environmental Quality recently issued guidelines to help principals, school administrators, and parents know when to move recess indoors on poor air quality days.
Let’s separate the fact from fiction for a few of Utah’s most common air quality myths.