Utah League of Cities and Towns

Utah League of Cities and Towns
The Salt Lake City Jazz Festival was held the last weekend in July, bringing to Utah’s capital city two incredible nights of live music and dance, plus food and fun for the entire family. The festival began 16 years ago when then Salt Lake City Mayor, Rocky Anderson, met up with jazz musician and founder of the Park City Jazz Festival, Jerry Floor.
Raising chickens used to be something that only people in the country did and has long been associated with farms and wide-open spaces. But not anymore. Backyard chickens are becoming a modern cultural phenomenon.
Over the past several years, there’s been plenty of bad news about honeybee health. Colonies are collapsing all around the world. But here in Utah, beehives are becoming an increasingly popular backyard fixture. By following proper beekeeping practices, you can be a good neighbor and contribute to the beauty of Utah’s communities.
“This has been a crisis in our community and throughout our country, that officers are being put in intense situations. How they respond makes all the difference in the world.”
The crown jewel of The Cairns City Center is the massive new Hale Centre Theatre at the Mountain America Performing Arts Center.
Firefighters keep our communities safe and carry special equipment to help them do their job. Learn more about the tools they take with them, their usefulness and how much everything weighs.
With the tireless work of government officials and active, engaged citizens, the future indeed looks bright for Utah’s newest city.
Most city leaders in Utah aren’t paid as “full-time” municipal employees… but their interest and commitment to serve is, indeed, full time!
Technology isn’t just changing how people watch cat videos and communicate every day. It’s changing how they live and govern in our towns and cities. Learn how Provo is using technology to improve the lives of its residents.
When a big storm hits, it takes a coordinated effort with all hands on deck to clear the roads. Here’s how you can do your part.
Every year as the temperatures warm, more Utah communities delight their residents with a spectacular balloon festival. The small city of Salina in the central part of the state is one of those communities.
“Nibley is an agricultural area with a lot of farm fields that were full of a couple feet of snow. When we then got a few inches of rain, the snow melted and those fields turned into lakes.”
“The changes we’ve made are bringing new people into our libraries, and I think more people are seeing libraries as places alive with activity and interaction.”
We’ve all driven over pesky potholes wondering when they’ll be patched. Learn how you can speed up the process by properly reporting them.
Urban farming may sound like your hipster cousin’s latest hobby, but it is transforming the way Utahns grow and buy their food today. Whether you’re a long-time “locavore” or a newcomer to urban farming, here are 5 benefits you can’t ignore.
“Historians have called Rockville, ‘Utah’s last treasure’ and the bridge is part of what gives the town that distinction.”
Housing prices are climbing. Rental rates can be as high as a mortgage payment in urban Utah. And for some seeking housing, it came as a welcome relief to find new opportunities in one Salt Lake Valley city.
The way the Utah Legislature operates and bills become laws may seem mysterious. However, every bill has to go through the same process during the 45-day session to become a law. Here’s how it works.
Will mandatory drug testing in Utah Schools curb a serious problem? Hear what students think in a mock committee hearing.
Nationally, hundreds of millions of dollars have been uncollected from buyers who shop online. The senator says that in Utah, the loss is anywhere from 80 million to 350 million.
Whether your family has lived here in Utah for five years or for generations, chances are you don’t know everything about the Beehive State.