Utah’s largest animal rehabilitation organization, is gearing up for a record year of animals in need.
Video proceedings have increased court access but raised questions of rights amid case backlog.
It’s been a fatal day — and a fatal past several weeks — for pedestrians and cyclists in Utah.
Utah Highway Patrol data show wrong-way driving, excessive speeding and drivers attempting to outrun police have surged.
COVID-19 pandemic changed how some people shop for clothes.
Building boom and supply scarcity heighten incentives for theft.
Swelling duck populations are causing ecological problems — cities take to culling, activists cry foul.
Large home profits can add complexity to an already intricate system that gets trickier as assets and income expand.
Aid for processing expansion will help the Beehive State achieve food security — but Utah’s meatpackers may lack the appetite for expansion.
Photojournalist Lynsey Addario, on assignment in Ukraine for The New York Times, spoke to Utah students about the war in Ukraine.
Why this gallery aims to be about more than retail, and how it’s helping artists.
New exhibit unfurls the deeply woven, multi-layered meaning of quilts.
Sen. Rand Paul and South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem joined Sen. Mike Lee in Salt Lake City where the prominent Republicans warned prospective state party delegates against the consolidation of government power.
Researchers at the University of Utah’s College of Social Work have published the results of study that found 45% of mindfulness patients were no longer misusing opioids and that 36% had cut their opioid use in half.
‘Circuit breaker’ program offers some relief to older home owners.
A new report from the Utah Foundation finds that affordable middle housing is tough to build because most residential zoning only allows for single-family homes.
The Utah native famous for candy airlifts to East Berlin died at 101.
The hike has demoralized buyers and possibly forever rewritten the rule book for the economy of cars.
Though supply chain issues have increased the price of roses, 37% of gift-givers plan to buy flowers.
The money is seen as a godsend to a sector that was among the worst hit by a pandemic recession that dried up artistic patronage and left creatives scrambling for ways to stay fed.
Utah traffic has is back up to levels that match, and in some cases exceed, pre-pandemic levels. Busy roads and commutes has brought back concerns about air pollution and roadway frustration.
The black hole dubbed B023-G078 tells the story of what happens when stars collide.
University of Utah Health is doing a clinical study of contraceptive gel for men.
In an apparent effort to ensure the debate over the best Girl Scout cookie remains eternally unsettled, the troops this year are introducing a new, brownie-inspired flavor.
Cultivating hybridized quinoa strains could make for a viable crop in communities where climate issues threaten food security.
The number of Utahns who called the state’s suicide crisis hotline jumped by 32%, bringing the total number of calls to 92,532 for the fiscal year period ending June 2021, according to the Huntsman Mental Health Institute.
Multifamily housing options that fall between single-family homes and large apartment complexes can help alleviate housing shortage pressures and give homebuyers more options.
The U.S. Postal Service delivered 13.7 billion packages and letters between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, including 7 million in Utah.
The foundation’s proposed family-centered approach seeks to shift the emphasis in criminal justice from retribution to reentry.