Business friendly regulation and low taxes bring companies to Utah, spur growth and set an example across the country.
Senior Recruiter Chad Brown says the most important aspect of an interview to remember is to make it a two-way conversation. Research the company and prepare questions to show that you’re right for the job and to make sure the job is right for you.
Best Friends Animal Society, United Way, JDRF, Utah Food Bank, and The Road Home are the newest additions to Zions Direct’s growing Charity Auction platform.
During May, we had calls about both dollar-cost averaging and stock splits.
It’s never too early to start planning for retirement. There are various types of retirement accounts that allow you to start saving for the future your way - so when you retire, you can hopefully keep living the lifestyle you’re used to.
Have you ever felt that investing is a bit too much like gambling? Dr. Robert Dubil, Associate Professor of Finance at the University of Utah reminds us that investing is not exactly betting in a game of chance.
The outdoor Tuacahn Amphitheatre outside St. George, Utah performs a variety of Broadway plays. Last year alone it attracted 265,000 guests. That’s the second highest tourist attraction in southern Utah after Zion National Park.
Zions Bank Senior Recruiter, Chad Brown shares what he thinks makes a resume stand out. He says, “Be concise. Put the most relevant information as close to the top as you can.”
In 1897, the San Francisco Call published an article that noted: “To the citizen thus engaged in business, the intrinsic value of thorough knowledge cannot be disputed. With it he can confidently enter the arena of public affairs fully equipped to meet the educated professional citizen.”
In the job world, skills, knowledge, and requirements for success are constantly changing and evolving. How does one progress and succeed in this shifting environment? Connie De Ianni discusses how to design your career.
Summary: When Tiana was 18, her father unexpectedly died of a heart attack. Now she speaks to women nationwide, urging them to do what her father and mother did not: make a plan that can help your family prepare for unforeseen financial challenges.
The following common consumer credit questions were posed to representatives from Experian, a global information services company that, among other objectives, assists individual consumers and organizations in managing credit.
Diversification and asset allocation are strategies used to reduce risk exposure when investing. Learn more by watching this short video.
Guadalupe School 4th grade students learned how to be penny pinchers from Zions Bancorporation Chairman, President and CEO Harris Simmons in honor of National Teach Children to Save Day.
Capturing a piece of history, the USS Intrepid reminds us of many who sacrificed for our country. The magnificent ship now serves as The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York City.
Essential purpose bonds are bonds issued by municipalities to fund essential, traditional public projects. Learn how they are secured and why they are generally believed to be of higher quality and less speculative than non-essential purpose bonds.
Learn what Contrarian Investing is, and the reasons an investor might use this contradictory investment strategy, in this short video.
Did the Kennecott Mine landslide bury plans for future Olympic medals? Company officials say they’ll dig up the precious metals in other mines and keep competing.
The argument can reasonably be made that for purposes of liquidity and flexibility, investors should consider keeping cash in their portfolios. Discover how cash can help you plan for meeting expected and unexpected needs.
In this edition of Speaking on Business, Chris Redgrave highlights a local treasure in Salt Lake City, the Oasis Café. The café has worked to keep customer favorites while continuing to offer something new for over 20 years.
Harris H. Simmons, Chairman, President, and CEO of Zions Bancorporation, and A. Scott Anderson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Zions First National Bank were both honored as Giants In Our City.
Take a tour of the new fitness center at City Creek -The Gym.
As seen at here are three characteristics that high achievers have in common.
Discover different types of debt instruments, including government securities, government agencies, municipal bonds, and corporate bonds.
Tanner Dance brings dance opportunities to public school students, serving more than 4,000 students each week.
Learn about certificates of deposit, or CDs, including their qualities, risks, and how to determine if they would be good addition to your investment portfolio. This educational video is part of Zions Direct University’s Beginner series.
Do you know the difference between a Gift Tax and an Estate Tax? Do you understand the laws that have been changed concerning these taxes? Dirk Samson, of Western National Trust Company, explains what these taxes are and how the new laws may apply to you.
Fendall’s of Ogden is anything but your typical ice cream parlor. Owner Sheri Morreale has brought her own unique touch to both the shop and its menu. Discover how Zions Bank is helping Sheri keep this Utah tradition alive.
Time can be a critical factor when it comes to investing and borrowing money. Learn about the influence it can have on the value of a dollar in this short video. This educational video is part of Zions Direct University’s Beginner series.
Hogle Zoo now has even more to offer with the Rocky Shores exhibit. It’s the largest and most expensive exhibit the Zoo has ever had, and provides a sanctuary for many animals that had nowhere else to go. Learn more in this Speaking on Business.