Gov. Spencer Cox visited Israel and the United Arab Emirates with a delegation of 64 other Utah business and political leaders.
The Utah Inland Port Authority is taking a timeout as problems related to its future begin to build.
The Kennecott Copper Mine announced it will be moving mining operations underground in its next step to extract copper.
By defining itself as a vested mining use, Draper says Geneva Rock sidestepped oversight from officials who have clashed with the company in recent years.
Idaho has three, Arizona has eight. Is Utah lacking in ambition — or do we understand something others don’t?
‘We’re building an economy for everyone,’ President Biden announces a new rule that forces airlines to tell customers about all hidden fees from the get-go
The Beehive State may watch a lot of TV, but it doesn’t share passwords
Remote work drove over 60% of the U.S. home price surge, new Fed study says.
A Utah trade delegation of 64 people, including Gov. Cox, visited Israel and the United Arab Emirates
A Utah trade delegation of 64 people, including Gov. Cox, visited Israel and the United Arab Emirates
A media company claims McDonald’s refuses to advertise with their Black-owned media company.
The Federal Reserve announced that they plan to increase interest rates into next year.
As buyers turn away from the market amid still record high home prices, the pressure is building on the rental market.
A Utah trade delegation of 64 people, including Gov. Cox, visited the United Arab Emirates to share ideas and innovation and strengthen relationships.
When Israel failed to go to the moon, its response was ‘Let’s go back and be successful.’ What can Utah learn from the dream-big attitude?
UDOT has recommended the gondola option to solve the Little Cottonwood Canyon traffic problem. Who’s paying?
Influencing has become a huge marketing tactic and, for some, an occupation. However, while influencing may seem new, it’s really not
A new Deseret News/Hinckley Institute poll found a high degree of concern about the economy.
A Utah trade delegation of 64 people, including Gov. Cox, visited Israel to discuss drought solutions and innovations.
A Utah trade delegation of 64 people, including Gov. Cox, visited Israel and the United Arab Emirates to explore economic partnerships and innovations
Inflation is projected to impact shopping. Here’s what Walmart and Target are doing to combat it
Pepsi has stepped down after a decade of sponsoring the Super Bowl Halftime Show, allowing Apple Music to take the reins.
The actor isn’t really into skincare but the innovative factor in this skincare line got him on board
The controversial shoe has regained popularity and garnered recognition in the footwear world, collaborating with big names and brands such as Justin Bieber, Balenciaga and Bad Bunny.
After hitting an all-time high, the average price of gas had been on the decline for 98 consecutive days. Until now.
Despite its growing success, the Rancho Markets chain is still very much a family-run business.
Illiana spent the day doing all of her favorite things, including singing her favorite “Little Mermaid” song in front of a live audience.
The Federal Reserve on Wednesday announced a .75% hike to its benchmark interest rate.
The Utah Inland Port Authority needs to outline clear goals before starting to spend $150 million in bonds.
The Federal Reserve is expected to raise the interest rate by .75% for the third time
Gautam Adani, the richest man in India, is now richer than Amazon founder Jeff Bezos
Home builders are hurting. Buyers — at least those who can afford it — are buying at slightly below listing price.
Doug Ramsey had allegedly been stuck in the traffic lane while attempting to leave a parking garage when the situation occurred
On average, Tesla cars have 176 mechanical faults per 100, higher than the industry average of 121
Utah has some of the highest rates of credit card debt — and not just because of inflation. Credit card swipe fees are to blame
The tech veteran learned valuable equity lessons growing up on a Utah cattle ranch.
Even though this trend has dipped slightly from earlier this year, it’s still up from before the COVID-19 pandemic sent the housing market into a frenzy.
The state’s homeless population, which increased 14% in 2021. Tens of millions of dollars were just allocated to help.
On Wednesday, a group of yoga teachers and students signed an open letter calling out the Canada-based brand for not being environmentally conscious despite its mission of sustainability
Freddie Mac predicts the high rates will continue to temper demand across the U.S — but experts also aren’t predicting home prices will fall off a cliff. Here’s why.
If employers want to keep their employees, they’d better let them work from home.
This move falls in line with Yvon Chouinard’s longstanding commitment to protecting the environment