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Why Shib coin’s big spike is a sign that the coin may not grow again

What are ‘fintech’ companies? Are they here to help upend the banking world or eat you alive?

Shiba Inu coin skyrocketed after Coinbase added it this week

Want evidence Americans’ resolve to follow Constitution is wavering? Mitt Romney says look at Jan. 6

This e-commerce giant is back from the grave

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Photo of the day: New shoes give Girls on the Run participants a leg up

The Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation will donate 1,000 pairs of running shoes to underserved girls participating in the program that aims to inspire girls in third through eighth grade to be joyful, healthy and confident through a fun, experienced-based curriculum that creatively integrates running.

Why nearly half of states are threatening to sue President Joe Biden over the COVID-19 vaccination mandate for businesses

Is Utah’s ‘fierce’ housing market cooling? Sales are slowing, but prices are still sky high

Intermountain Healthcare to merge with Colorado health nonprofit

New Salt Lake City airport turns 1 but is still growing. Here's when the construction will end

Utah will soon see hundreds of refugees. Is there enough affordable housing?

Is the West’s housing market overpriced? These cities rank as nation’s most ‘overvalued’

Salt Lake City is no ‘Gotham City,’ but business coalition says crime, camping has to stop

Report: Rent prices in these Utah counties have skyrocketed — including one with a 66% jump

How a Salt Lake cinema kept dozens of U.S. theaters afloat during the pandemic

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What is carbon pricing? Could it clean Utah’s air?

Some Utah GOP lawmakers and their Democratic counterparts want to pursue instituting carbon pricing that would impose fees on businesses that pollute the air and then give the revenue back to the state’s taxpayers. Would it work? Is it politically possible in conservative Utah?

Used car prices will stay high for a while thanks to the chip shortage

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Will Biden’s vaccine mandate drive away employees in an already strained job market?

While President Joe Bide’s vaccine mandate drew a strong negative response from Republican elected officials, new data suggests a clear majority of U.S. employees are in favor of vaccine mandates. However, things get a little murkier when surveyors asked what workers on both sides of the vaccine debate were prepared to do about it.

How Republicans reacted to President Joe Biden’s vaccination plan for businesses, federal workers

Coinbase Pro has added Shiba Inu coin to its platform

Will Dogecoin and Shiba Inu coin ever rise again?

El Salvador added bitcoin as legal currency. But then everything fell apart

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‘Eerily silent’: How 9/11 changed airline travel forever

The 9/11 attacks led to fundamental changes to airline travel.

What might happen to Shiba Inu coin this winter

How to avoid cryptocurrency scams

The delta variant is hurting economies around the nation. How is Utah doing?

This nutrition company supplements hunters — and hunger

The secret to business success? These leaders say it could be celebrating faith

Shiba Inu coin may be on the rise. Here are the latest predictions

What will happen to Darth Gator, the alligator who attacked his trainer?

Amazon wants to open department stores (like the ones it helped put out of business)

Pop goes the soda can: New, high-tech beverage canning facility coming to Salt Lake City

Mark Cuban reveals how much Dogecoin he really owns

New $200 million funding round will power up Utah’s Breeze Airways

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There are millions of dollars up for grabs for renters. Why aren’t they being claimed?

With the clock reset again on the eviction moratorium extension, over $150 million in rental assistance has still not made it into the hands of Utah renters or landlords. Reasons range from paperwork problems to likely some Utahns hesitating to ask for government help.

Utah misusing public funds for fossil fuel projects, environmental groups allege

State of change: Minorities now driving more of Utah's population growth than white people

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People are quitting their jobs in record numbers. Why?

The COVID-19 pandemic has made seismic impacts to the work world, as employees are increasingly ready to say "I quit" and move on to new opportunities.

This cryptocurrency theft allowed hackers to steal $600 million

What is The Point? Plans for a ‘15-minute city’ at former Utah prison site are taking shape

Utah ranks No. 1 in the nation for GDP growth — despite the pandemic

You can find all things bee at The Beehive Shoppe, except the shop

Is Shiba Inu coin on Coinbase yet? Here’s what we know

Biden has extended COVID-19 relief for student debt. Here are the details

This airline now requires vaccines for its employees

Are bosses ready to assess penalties on their remote workers?

Southern Utah man converted to Islam, then he says this happened to him

Is Dogelon the new Dogecoin?