What impact will the crypto crash have on an already battered U.S. economy?
The annual award is widely regarded as the most prestigious business award given in the Beehive State.
Although prices are high across the board, some things are more inflated than others
‘This was a very foreseeable crisis,’ says Gov. Spencer Cox of government shutting down formula plant without ‘having a plan in place’
Elon Musk said he will now support Republicans, but the world’s richest person stopped short of committing any of his vast wealth to support the GOP.
As rising rates have pushed the U.S. housing market’s prices even higher, mortgage applications dropped 12% last week. Here’s what that means.
The price of “liquid gold” could continue climbing this summer.
Offering $30 a share in an all cash and fully financed offer, JetBlue wants Spirit shareholders to back away from their merger with Frontier.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently added the housing market into the mix of his Twitter commentary.
Experts say the maneuver is all about Musk’s efforts to back out of the deal or bring the price down.
Roughly 6 people are hired every minute using LinkedIn.
Here’s why landlords say it’s not because of greed — but other issues like inflation, labor shortages and more.
Here’s what you need to know and what to look out for when booking rental properties for your vacations.
After more than 30 years, McDonald’s is planning to sell its restaurants in Russia to a local buyer.
The Grassy Cow food truck in Heber City features beef born and raised on the Zollinger farm right next door.
We already know Boise, Idaho, leads the country in what researchers have deemed the most “overvalued’ housing markets in the West. So what’s the least overpriced city?
Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy, one-size-fits-all answer, especially as regional pockets of the U.S. housing market are particularly red hot.
Fears of a recession loom as food pantries are already stretched to meet the needs of Utahns.
Twitter is going through internal changes as Elon Musk seeks to acquire funding and buy the tech company.
Standing alongside Utah state Sen. Mike McKell, Paris Hilton told Congress “the next generation of America is counting on you.”
Bitcoin, ethereum and other popular cryptocurrencies continued their historic downward slide Thursday in a digital currency market that’s lost some $600 billion in value. Is a bubble bursting?
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The core “social identity” of believers influences whether saints stand fast in the faith.
The violent death of Rex Lee Sr. split St. Johns, Arizona, in two. The town is trying to move on.
Katrina Lantos Swett, a Jewish child of Holocaust survivors, human rights advocate, Democrat and Latter-day Saint, invites everyone to make more seats at the table.
Whiting guided the Burley Bobcats to a state championship in 2022 and she has established a reputation for the way she develops players and maximizes their talents
Amari Whiting is committed to play collegiately for the Oregon Ducks and is one of the top high school recruits in the U.S.
‘The way people travel has changed forever.’ This is why Airbnb redesigned its app.
The actor and activist, known for his roles in “Babe” and “L.A. Confidential,” glued his hand to an NYC Starbucks counter to protest the coffee chain’s upcharge for plant-based milks.
The data could be the first signs of a “positive turn of events” on the U.S. housing market’s horizon, economists say. But will trends hold?
A Georgetown University report points to a secretive program that allows the agency “to pull detailed dossiers on nearly anyone, seemingly at any time.”
New report shows bias in filtering fundraising emails.
While major cryptocurrencies are down hugely in the past six months, some experts say they still see the digital currency market as a solid investment choice.
The latest numbers on the U.S.’s April inflation rate were released Wednesday. Here’s what you need to know:
“I am deeply concerned about the apparent lack of an effective mitigation strategy and urge both agencies to move as fast as possible to safely resolve this situation,” Sen. Mitt Romney wrote.
Bitcoin and ethereum are down by over 50% of their peak values from last year, and other virtual currencies are also seeing sharp declines.
Utah Sen. Mike Lee and four Republican colleagues are calling for a new TV rating so parents can block their children from watching programs with “disturbing content,” including LGBTQ characters.
Colorado Gov. Jared Polis welcomes a “Mountain Disneyland” after Florida law revokes resort’s special tax status
EVs don’t need much servicing, although the tires do carry the burden of the bulky battery-powered machines.
The U.S. housing market continues to be highly competitive and expensive, even though more sellers are dropping their prices, Redfin’s latest report shows.
Airbnb saw its most successful 2 years in history during the pandemic, despite employees working remotely.
Elon Musk, space explorer extraordinaire, the wave maker who wants to buy Twitter and the richest man in the world understands the art of making news. And electric vehicle batteries. During the first quarter this year, nearly half of Tesla’s vehicles had cobalt free batteries. Read why.
Breeze Airways announced Friday it will begin service in and out of Utah’s Provo Airport with nonstop and single-stop flights to cities on both coasts and Las Vegas.
Nathanael “Nate” Reid Holzapfel, who gained notoriety on the “Shark Tank” TV show before racking up a number of criminal charges, has been charged yet again.
The U.S. housing market is hurtling toward uncertainty, a National Association of Realtors chief economist says.
U.S. inflation hit a 12-month rate of 8.5% in March, according to the most recent report by the U.S. Department of Labor.
“We keep having kids,” Dejan Eskic says, and yet keep fighting density tooth and nail.
In a press conference, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said that inflation was too high and the Fed is using the tools at its disposal to help curb it.
As more American workers have left their jobs, Walter Orthmann has set a Guinness World Record for time at his.