Flip phones are coming back. More major phone companies are releasing the advanced versions of the classic flip phone, while others rather stay with the original style. We’ve listed the top four flip phones of 2024 you can buy today.

Motorola Razr 2023

Available in two models and multiple colors, the Motorola Razr is considered the best budget flip phone by Business Insider, mainly because it’s the only foldable smart phone under $1,000.

This flip phone (or foldable smart phone, however you want to call it) folds vertically but comes with all the features of a normal smart phone once opened up. Depending on the model, the cover screen will show a digital display of a lock screen or will only be the model color and a simple digital clock.

The Motorola Razr costs between $499.99 and $699.99 on Motorola’s website with sale discount.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

Probably the most expensive phone on this list with a starting price of $999.99, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 allows users to access and use more apps on the cover screen than before, according to CNET.

This is an unlocked phone that can work with most carriers and comes in eight colors. Samsung’s website claims that this phone model has been tested with 200,000 folds and is their fifth generation of foldable technology. Business Insider praises its premium look and excellent performance.

LG Classic Flip Phone

If you want a flip phone that looks more like a classic flip phone without all the high specs and on the cheaper end, then the LG Classic Flip Phone is what you’re looking for.

Currently selling for $179 on Amazon, this flip phone only works with the carrier TracFone, but comes with features that older flip phones did not have, such as bluetooth, touch screen and 4G coverage.

Nokia 2780 Flip

The cheapest option at $89.99, the Nokia 2780 Flip can last 18 days on a single charge and can work with smartphone apps such as Google Maps and YouTube.

It contains accessibility features such as big buttons, hearing aid compatibility and real-time texts, per Nokia’s website. It’s available at BestBuy and Amazon.

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