As you’re slathering on sunscreen this summer, don’t forget that the sun can damage more than just skin.

Computers, tablets and phones can overheat and suffer lasting damage, too.

The University of Michigan reports “most laptops can operate comfortably up to 95 degrees,” and phones up to or around 100 degrees, but a good rule of thumb is that if you’re too hot, your devices are too hot.

Besides shutting down a phone, heat can distort the phone’s display. The plastic can fade and the internal components may even warp. High temperatures may also shorten battery life and slow down processors, so do your best to keep devices out of hot cars or direct sunlight.

If your phone is getting hot, but hasn’t yet shut down because of it, there are a few things you can do to try and cool it down.

  • For example, take the case off so it gets more air flow circulating and don’t put it in your pocket.
  • Shut down apps, turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and switch to low battery and airplane mode so the phone doesn’t have to work so hard.

Don’t do anything like putting the phone in the fridge or freezer to attempt a cool down. Lowering the temperature too quickly can cause condensation to get trapped inside and potentially ruin the phone for good.

You can let the air conditioner or another fan with cool air blow on it to bring down the phone’s temperature.

Protecting your phone from overheating

You can also use preventive measures to keep devices cooler. Not only can these products help in the temperature department, but they can also keep that glare at bay.

A laptop sun shade can keep your computer screen out of direct sunlight, while also keeping other debris from landing on your computer (think sand, dirt and bugs).

The lightweight, durable SunShader clips on to the top and sides of a computer and folds flat when not in use. It comes in two sizes and starts at $47.99.

You can find similar sun shades for cell phones under $20, whether you need a foldable sun shade that works horizontally for gaming or watching movies, or a sun shade that can help block the glare when using your phone in the car.

For a more kitschy option, consider this phone umbrella. The tiny umbrella hook slides into a little pig-shaped holder with a suction cup for a head. Stick that to the back of your phone and the umbrella is large enough to shade the screen. It can eliminate glare or make it safe to use your phone when it’s raining.

If the biggest annoyance for sunshine hitting your phone is the glare, an anti-glare screen protector may be your best option.

Zagg’s Glass Elite Anti-Glare screen protector has a matte finish to cut down on glare and is five times as strong as a traditional glass screen protector. It’s also antimicrobial and has a surface treatment that disperses the oil from your fingertips so that when your phone is on, the screen is always smudge-free.

When is it too hot to use your phone?

Apple doesn’t recommend using your phone at all if the temperature is above 95 degrees.

If the phone gets too hot, you’ll see a warning saying the iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it. An emergency button will still appear on screen during this warning and Apple says you “may” be able to use it while the phone cools down.

Better not to get to that point in the first place.

In general, avoid placing your phone in direct sunlight, whether at the pool, beach or mounted on a phone holder inside your car. And remember, a hot car can quickly cause phones to overheat, even if the phone is in the trunk or glove box.