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Church of Jesus Christ

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Elder Rasband is optimistic the world can be healed

"Can the world be healed?" Deseret News executive editor Doug Wilks asked Elder Ronald A. Rasband at the G20 Interfaith Forum in Italy.

How to watch or listen to October 2021 general conference

Martin Luther King III, 2 apostles, Pulitzer winner will speak at BYU this year

During his first public appearance since COVID-19, President Nelson honors Elder Davies for his tireless, valiant ministry

He saw Temple Square like the Vatican

Elder Dean Davies, 69, dies of cancer after almost a decade of service as a general authority

The news people missed in Elder Holland’s BYU talk

Missionaries safe following Haiti quake; assessments underway to determine status of members, Church properties

Film series ‘The Chosen’ explores its Catholic side in the Eternal City

What is ‘Mormon Row’ and why is there an effort to preserve it?

Timeline: What Latter-day Saint church leaders have said about wearing face masks during the pandemic

Church’s First Presidency urges vaccination, says vaccines are ‘safe and effective’

What President Oaks said during his first travel since early 2020

Building 70 Latter-day Saint temples all at once

Mike Leavitt, former governor and cabinet member, will be the next president of the Tabernacle Choir

‘So many tender mercies’: At the funeral of a missionary

Religion and 3 Cs for overcoming polarization

Two Latter-day Saint missionaries serving in New Mexico die in car crash

Latter-day Saint leader honored as ‘community builder,’ champion of Utah history ahead of Pioneer Day

The backstory behind President Nelson’s pandemic prayer of hope video

What this leader had to say about the Black Church experience and ‘Fairness for All’

President Russell M. Nelson calls the reopening of the last closed temple a ‘cause for rejoicing’

‘If we can’t get along, it’s downright sinful’: The partnership between Catholics and Latter-day Saints

The Mesa Arizona Temple has been closed for renovation since 2018. Here’s when the public will be invited back

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‘A beautiful thing’: A message on the remedy for discord

The Bible story a Presbyterian Sunday School teacher shared has guided a woman on the Relief Society General Advisory Council ever since.

For the first time in 15 months, Provo MTC is welcoming Latter-day Saint missionaries for in-person training

Video: From Carthage Jail, Elder Cook remembers Joseph Smith’s martyrdom and witness of the Savior

Church of Jesus Christ reveals exact locations for new temples in Idaho, New Mexico and Colorado

Church provides millions to NAACP, UNCF for scholarships, humanitarian aid

Church will reforest sacred Hill Cumorah, site of angel’s visits to Joseph Smith

Is Temple Square open? Yes, but North Visitors’ Center is about to be demolished.

Church announces groundbreaking for Helena Montana Temple only 3 months after it was announced

Temple Square is reopening soon. Here’s what you need to know

General conference will look much different in October. Here’s how

First Presidency announces changes to general conference, including discontinuing Saturday evening session

This $5 million Latter-day Saint donation means more to refugee resettlement in 2021

Elder Cook dedicates Temple District of Nauvoo in his first public travel since COVID-19

Meet the new president of BYU-Pathway Worldwide and the new commissioner of education

These Latter-day Saint temples will open for more expanded work and visits

Practice of ‘time-only marriages’ in Latter-day Saint temples discontinued