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Does being pro-life mean getting COVID-19 vaccine? GOP Sen. Mitt Romney thinks so

Dr. Fauci reveals his worst-case scenario for 2022 and it involves a new variant

The forever mask and the coming ‘cold’ war

4 symptoms that mean you’ll likely get long COVID

Why the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t hit endgame yet

COVID-19 vaccine does not impair fertility, but COVID infection might, study finds

No, ‘flurona’ isn’t real. But you can get COVID-19 and the flu at the same time

Free N95 masks coming to Utah to fight COVID-19 — but when?

COVID infection before or after vaccination creates ‘super immunity,’ researchers say

Omicron variant can survive longer on plastic and skin compared to other variants

These COVID survivors have a specific symptom

Were side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine all in your head?

The omicron variant doesn’t lead to ‘classic three’ COVID-19 symptoms

No, this Utah bill is not a UN ploy to force the National Guard to give you a COVID-19 vaccine

Time for another COVID-19 booster shot? Not in the U.S. — yet

An omicron-specific vaccine is on the way. Here’s what we know so far

There’s a coronavirus outbreak on a ship delivering aid to Tonga

There are 2 omicron variant subvariants. Here’s what you should know

Dr. Fauci has good news about the omicron variant and the end of the pandemic

The biggest difference in omicron variant symptoms for vaccinated and unvaccinated

What you need to know about stealth omicron symptoms

Does omicron mean a new phase is coming for the COVID-19 pandemic?

The omicron variant has its own ‘stealth’ variant. Here’s what to know

Why small businesses are still struggling, according to Goldman Sachs

‘Test to stay’ bill passes, letting state leaders — not schools — decide when to shift students online during COVID-19 outbreaks

Your great-great-great-grandchildren will be getting the COVID vaccine, expert says

Utah lieutenant governor tests positive for COVID-19

The top 7 omicron variant symptoms for children

Why those with omicron symptoms are still showing up to work

Could mild COVID symptoms lead to brain damage?

Are Utah legislators 'moving on' from COVID? Here’s some of the reaction to the end of mask mandates

COVID-19 booster shots have ‘significant impact’ on omicron, new CDC study finds

Democratic representative becomes third Utah lawmaker to test positive for COVID-19

Utah House overturns Salt Lake, Summit county mask mandates, effective immediately

U.S. and Russia will keep talking over Ukraine crisis

COVID-19 booster shots can protect you against omicron, new CDC data suggests

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Thinking about putting your vaccination status on your resume? Don’t.

Including health information on a resume was a bad idea before the pandemic. It’s a worse idea now.

This omicron variant symptom is an early warning of COVID-19 infection

Watch: Here’s what Utah Gov. Cox had to say in his 2022 State of State speech

Here’s what Utah Democrats are prioritizing in the 2022 Legislative Session

How long does the COVID booster stop omicron variant symptoms?

Got COVID-19? How to know if you need to go to the hospital

Day 3: Legislature poised to end Test to Stay program for schools

Why the omicron variant might not signal the end of COVID-19

This omicron variant symptom is easy to miss

Will omicron peak soon in Utah? Maybe, but concerns are being raised about the call for less testing

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Boise leading the nation in ‘hot’ job markets as hiring, even amid omicron surge, continues to grow

Inland western U.S. cities crushed coastal climes in a new report that found Boise, Idaho is leading the nation when it comes to current new job listings vs. pre-pandemic times.

Could omicron end the COVID-19 pandemic? It’s too early to tell