Congress unanimously asked for intelligence. Why hasn’t the president signed the bill?
Crucial decisions came week after week. At one point, Utah had less than a week’s supply of swabs, which would have severely affected the amount of testing that could be done.
Novavax plans cutbacks, including likely job losses, amid ‘significant uncertainty.’
Some U.S. intelligence agencies now believe the virus leaked from a lab in China, while others believe it developed naturally in animals and then was transmitted to humans
Offices in Asia and Europe are bustling post-pandemic — in the U.S., not so much
The Idaho Legislature is considering a bill that would make it a misdemeanor to administer vaccines that use mRNA technology.
The state’s chief scientist warns that the latest version of COVID-19 is ‘pretty nasty.’
‘I believe that pandemics end partially because humans declare them at an end,’ said Marion Dorsey, an associate professor of history at the University of New Hampshire, who studies past pandemics
Learning deficits were most severe in developing countries and among low-income children, according to a new analysis.
The COVID-19 pandemic may be in the rearview for many Americans, but state lawmakers are still working to stop businesses from enacting vaccine requirements for customers or their employees.
Is COVID-19 over? May 11 will be the official end of the public health emergency as Americans return to normal life, but it will also change the comforts they’ve been used to
School districts across the country have faced legal challenges over their masking rules during the COVID-19 pandemic.
FDA panel advances part of plan to simplify vaccination process
The World Health Organization could lift its global health emergency declaration soon.
The FDA is looking at simplifying the COVID-19 vaccine schedule.
The order comes as part of a “full reopening of the Navajo Nation.”
Muscle aches and headache have become a more common omicron symptom
Elko County Health Board also declined to stop promoting shots
Reporter Allison Williams and producer Beth Faber allege that ESPN’s COVID-19 vaccine policies violated their religious freedom rights.
The umber of new cases is dropping but February is usually the worst month for flu.
The XBB.1.5, in particular, is widely circulating in New York City, responsible for 73% of the cases sequenced
The link has not been identified in the Moderna vaccines so far
The requirement for long-distance travel was one of Germany’s last remaining COVID-19 restrictions.
The new XBB.1.15 subvariant and a surge in China has health officials worried.
If XBB.1.5 is considered more contagious, is it more dangerous?
Researchers found that people who haven’t gotten a COVID-19 vaccine are 72% more likely to get in a car accident than those who are vaccinated
China’s data on hospitalizations and deaths challenged by the World Health Organization
The XBB.1.5 variant is already dominating U.S. cases and might soon surge in Utah.
The country faces widespread virus cases and crowded hospitals after letting up on nearly all COVID-19 restrictions seemingly overnight.
Here’s everything we know about XBB.1.5, a variant that is spreading faster than any other mutation seen this year
New requirement comes as 9,000 may be dying daily from the virus in China.
Public health experts are warning that a surge in respiratory illness is likely.
The $858 billion package includes funds for the Great Salt Lake and advances an effort to bring a passport office to Salt Lake City.
Doctors are again urging Utahns to get flu and COVID-19 vaccinations as hospitals are at or near capacity dealing with high levels of respiratory illnesses.
Anticipating an uptick in COVID-19 transmission during upcoming holiday gatherings, the Biden administration is again making free rapid tests available by mail.
Doctor says reinfections are not only possible, they may be more prevalent.
A new study found that the updated booster shot offered weaker protection against the latest omicron mutation that is dominating in the U.S.
Utah Sen. Mike Lee is skeptical about the military treating discharged service members fairly.
A woman who nearly lost her uncle to COVID-19 two Christmases ago says the virus is still a “big deal.”
A new program to monitor wastewater for polio is starting at sites in Michigan and Philadelphia, the CDC announced.
These self-tests detect infection and produce a result within minutes
China’s ruling Communist Party is facing some of its harshest criticism in decades over the country’s strict ‘zero-COVID’ policy that some say is putting China’s people and economy in danger.
It will be a year since omicron first made the news during the Thanksgiving holidays.
The outgoing presidential adviser says Americans are not getting vaccinated against the virus because of politics.
The loss of sense of smell was no longer a common symptom among cases, a study found.