Utah public health expert says science behind masking settled
More infectious strain shouldn’t be considered mild, Utah health expert warns
Rate lower than ‘abysmal’ national vaccination numbers
CDC had recommended new preventative treatment for all children under 8 months old.
It’s the latest change to how the virus is being treated as a result of the national pandemic emergency ending last spring.
At least 1.8 million people in the United States have already received the latest COVID-19 vaccine.
Dosage recommendations for the updated shots, approved in mid-September for everyone six months and older.
The established COVID-19 vaccines and new RSV vaccines have something in common that’s reinventing vaccine design.
‘Don’t delay’ getting the new COVID-19 vaccine, but you still may want the flu shot at the same time.
As Utah waits for doses to arrive, the state immunization director says he’s “not too happy with the federal government.”
Thousands of claims being denied daily despite ‘legal obligations,’ U.S. Health and Human Services secretary says.
Patients seeking the updated vaccine are being told to “check back” later this month.
Public health orders seen as protecting against COVID-19, flu and RSV.
Already seen in 10 states, “Pirola” was detected in wastewater from the Tooele sewage treatment plant.
Utahns six months and older urged to get new COVID-19 vaccine.
The shot, free for most through insurance, is recommended for everyone six months an older, if it’s been more than two months since a previous dose.
The updated COVID-19 vaccines could be available by the end of the week.
“I would be extremely surprised if we would see that,” Fauci said of federal mask mandates.
Report says FDA approval could come by the end of the week as COVID-19 indicators head up in Utah, nation.
Heading into the Labor Day weekend, case counts, hospitalizations and emergency room visits all up for the coronavirus.
Kelly Oakeson, chief scientist for next generation sequencing and bioinformatics for the Utah Department of Health and Human Services, said, ‘Am I changing any of my behaviors? No’