Let’s say Pfizer starts handing out a third booster shot for its two-dose COVID-19 vaccine — who gets the first shot?

Pfizer’s chief scientific officer, Mikael Dolsten, told CNBC Wednesday that the third shot will likely be given out first to those who need it most — similar to what happened with the first rounds of shots.

  • He said he expects the elderly, older Americans and those with underlying medical conditions will be first in line to get the vaccine booster.
  • Specifically, Dolsten predicts “those with chronic diseases that make them more vulnerable to severe illness and hospitalization, such as cardiovascular disease or asthma” will get the third booster shot first, CNBC reports.
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Will there be a third COVID shot or a COVID pill?

Both Pfizer and Moderna — who developed two-dose COVID-19 vaccines — have hinted at a third booster shot to help keep immunity strong and ward off variants. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla predicted booster shots will be needed every year. And Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel said the shots would likely be available in fall 2021.

According to CBS News, U.S. officials are already planning how to roll out the third vaccine shot. It could come along with the annual flu shot or inside of a pill, according to CBS News.

The third shot could come in “patches instead of shot,” according to CBS News.