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This coronavirus outbreak killed 2 people. So what happened to the vaccinated person?

A coronavirus outbreak ran through a Florida government building. So what happened to the vaccinated person there?

Cars in Miami Beach, Florida.
Cars slow down after crossing a causeway to Miami Beach, Fla., Friday, May 28, 2021.
Associated Press

A recent coronavirus outbreak ran through a government building in Manatee County, Florida, killing two people and hospitalizing four others, per the Bradenton Herald.

In total, six people were infected by the coronavirus in the outbreak. Five of those people were sent to the hospital because of their severe conditions, according to CNN. One of the hospitalized people died, and another, who was not hospitalized, died from COVID-19, too.

  • However, the only vaccinated person exposed in the outbreak did not get infected with COVID-19, according to CNN.

Manatee County Administrator Scott Hopes had two takeaways from the incident. One — coronavirus has become more dangerous as time has gone on.

  • “The clinical presentation gives me concern that we’re dealing with a very infectious variant that is quite deadly,” Hopes told CNN.

And, he said, the vaccines are working.

  • “Clearly masks work, but the vaccine is more important at this point,” Hopes said.

The government building was cleaned, but officials said they discovered three more cases of COVID-19 from the outbreak, according to WWSB. It doesn’t appear those infected people have been hospitalized or died from the virus.

The building reopened on Monday.