The saga over Novak Djokovic’s entry into Australia to compete in the Australian Open isn’t over yet.

The news: Djokovic held a practice session at a tennis court Monday after winning a legal battle to stay in Australia. However, the Australian government may cancel his visa and deport him, according to The Associated Press.

What happened: On Monday, Jokovic wrote on Instagram that he was allowed to stay in Australia and that he was released from immigration detention.

  • Per ESPN, Jokovic was denied entry because he had not been vaccinated against COVID-19. He did have a COVID-19 vaccine medical exemption, though.
  • The Australian Border Force said Djokovic did not provide good enough evidence to gain entry into the country, as I wrote for the Deseret News.
Novak Djokovic was denied entry into Australia after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine medical exemption. Here’s what happened

Quotes: “I am pleased and grateful that the judge overturned my visa cancellation,” he wrote on Instagram. “Despite all that has happened in the past week, I want to stay and to try to compete at the Australian Open. I remain focused on that.

  • “I flew here to play at one of the most important events we have in front of the amazing fans. For now I cannot say more but THANK YOU for standing with me through all this and encouraging me to stay strong.”

Next up: Per The Associated Press, Australian government lawyer Christopher Tran said that the country’s immigration minister “will consider whether to exercise a personal power of cancellation.”