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Want to stop omicron variant symptoms? Doctor shares one major tip

A medical expert explains how you can potentially stop omicron variant symptoms

An illustration by the omicron variant.
A medical expert explains how you can potentially stop omicron variant symptoms
Illustration by Zoe Peterson, Deseret News

Omicron variant symptoms might be hard to stop, according to Dr. Robert Quigley, the senior vice president and global medical director for International SOS, a leading medical and security services company.

Quigley told me in an interview that omicron variant symptoms “may be difficult or impossible to stop.”

  • “For those who may experience headaches, a sore throat or a fever you can hydrate and take headache and over-the-counter cold medications to help reduce the symptoms,” he said.

Quigley added that stopping COVID-19 symptoms depends on each people.

  • “It is important to take a step back to evaluate your symptoms and take the necessary steps that work for you whether that be getting extra rest, extra hydration or taking over-the-counter medication to combat more severe symptoms,” Quigley said.

Dr. Gregory Poland, an infectious disease expert at Mayo Clinic, recently told WKBT-TV that the COVID-19 booster shot is one of the most effective ways to stop the omicron variant symptom.

  • “As time passes, vaccinated people become less protected which is why doctors are asking people to get a booster dose,” he said.
  • “If you get that booster dose, in essence, a third dose, your protection against hospitalization, jumps back up to what it had been, if not higher, so about 75%–80% protection. Data shows this virus variant replicates about 70-fold faster than the delta variant,” he added.

However, Ugur Sahin, the CEO of vaccine developer BioNTech, said that triple-vaccinated people can still transmit the virus, even if mRNA vaccines are currently 70% to 75% effective against stopping COVID-19 infection.