The omicron variant of the coronavirus continues to spread across the country, infecting fully vaccinated and unvaccinated people alike.

The omicron variant symptoms are a little different than what we’ve seen with previous COVID-19 variants, though. Doctors continue to speak out about the omicron variant symptoms they’re seeing.

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The latest: Dr. Patricia Williams, a family medicine provider with Novant Health in North Carolina, told WFMY News that the omicron variant has focused on the upper respiratory area of our body.

  • “Predominantly, my biggest complaint is a sore throat or scratchy throat,” Williams told WFMY News.

Flashback: Multiple experts said the scratchy throat symptom is a popular one among the omicron variant, as I reported for the Deseret News.

The omicron variant symptoms that might lead to hospitalization

Advice: Williams said getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is the best way to stay safe, per WFMY News.

  • “Those who are vaccinated are showing a much better outcome, much fewer symptoms, much better symptoms and tolerable than those who are unvaccinated,” Williams said.