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Here’s when omicron antibodies from the Moderna booster shot start to disappear

Anyone who got the Moderna booster shot only has a limited time to keep their antibodies

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Worker uses Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

In this March 29, 2021, file photo, a worker readies syringes with the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine in Metairie, La.

Gerald Herbert, Associated Press

A new study out of Duke University found that the Moderna COVID-19 booster shot created omicron-fighting antibodies that lasted for six months before decreasing.

What to know: The research found that omicron neutralizing antibodies jump 20-fold within the first four weeks of getting the COVID-19 booster shot.

  • The antibodies levels dropped almost sixfold six months down the road.

Yes, but: The antibodies still remained effective in stopping severe symptoms and hospitalization.

Why this matters: The antibodies dropped quicker for the omicron variant compared to the original coronavirus strain that was circulating throughout the nation, the researchers said, per WRAL.

What they’re saying: “The drop in antibodies for the booster is very similar to the drop in antibodies to the delta variant that was noted six months after the second dose of the vaccine,” said co-corresponding author and researcher David Montefiori, according to WRAL.

What’s next: Moderna is clearly taking this news to heart. The company recently joined Pfizer in beginning a trial for an omicron-specific COVID-19 vaccine, The Verge reports.

  • Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel said in a statement that the omicron variant is dangerous enough that it warrants its own vaccine.