Dare to be Different

In contrast to many of the nation’s earliest colleges and universities that abandoned their Christian identity, the president of Baylor University says it has continued to firmly ground its institutional life in Christian faith.
Consumer culture impacts the rising divorce rate, an alarming increase in mental health struggles and the way we think about our own education.
When we make space for both faith and reason, our inquiries become richer, deeper and more disciplined.
Higher education owes America graduates who are competent professionals, effective leaders and ethical citizens with the knowledge base and skill set to shape faith into a bridge of cooperation.
Why America’s liberal arts tradition is essential and how it can be pursued as “an act of worship” at religious schools.
Religious universities like Brigham Young University-Idaho could be models for innovation in American higher education, including issues like rising tuition.
Can science and religion coexist?
American higher education began as a religious mission. What now?
Religious schools must differentiate on their unique spiritual purposes, even as they strive to tie into the broader academic community.
The clear polarization we are experiencing in the broader culture has begun to dramatically affect faith-based colleges and universities, writes the president of George Fox University.
The important lesson I learned about what it means to be an ally.
Becket Fund attorneys Eric Baxter and Maria Montserrat Alvarado explain why religious schools are under threat and ask: Can they survive?
Why higher education — and America — is strengthened by authenticity.
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