Cox calls unaffordable housing the greatest threat to prosperity over the next 20-30 years.
The nation’s first female Supreme Court justice was a great American success story.
In many ways, Utah embodies the virtues such a statue would represent
The spirit of Thanksgiving is tangible. Researchers have found that regularly expressing gratitude leads to a host of benefits.
Utah’s newest congresswoman demonstrated the burgeoning political power of Southern Utah. Now it’s time for her to deliver
His commitment to God, his community and the world will continue to bless lives
On Veterans Day this year, the military is grappling with a recruitment crisis.
Daylight saving or standard time, the nation should pick one and stick with it.
Utah has passed 200 fatalities in 2023. That’s below last year’s total, but every number represents a real human being whose loss should not be tolerated
To Israelis and most Americans, the attacks presented zero ambiguity. The same is true for wealthy donors to schools.
It’s time for Congress to get serious about bipartisan solutions. That will be harder with a GOP in disarray.
The approach of another conference weekend is an opportunity to examine how we’re doing in regards to lifting the tenor of public discourse.
Studies show people who dress formally do better with abstract thinking, and that’s exactly what members of the Senate need right now.
Utah has a long history of being welcoming to people of the Jewish faith, stretching back to Brigham Young. That is a tradition that must continue.
The latest variant, known as Pirola, is poised to attack. Little is known about its severity.
How much of a typical starter home can the average carpenter who helped build such a home afford?
The legal status of Afghan refugees is set to expire soon, and Congress needs to act.
The European Union is considering laws that rein in social media and stem an epidemic of depression, anxiety and suicide among young people. This is similar to what Utah’s new laws would do.
With death tolls rising on Maui, officials everywhere should begin reviewing contingency plans for survival
We strongly condemn threats against the president, even as the early morning killing of a Provo man raises questions for the FBI. Why wasn’t a more peaceful approach taken?
Gov. Spencer Cox’s new awareness campaign helps families navigate the potential harms of social media.
The “Utah economic miracle” is well known, but there is another factor to the Beehive State’s success.
Too many new teachers quit the profession because they suffer burnout. Too many receive little support from parents or administrators. This needs to change
The Utah Department of Transportation has decided a three-phased approach, including an eight-mile gondola, is the answer to the canyon’s congestion problems. We think phase one could be the answer.
The U.S. Supreme Court last week clarified a 51-year-old decision that had allowed employers to ignore religious accommodations.
By any measure, life in the United States is far better than it was 100 years ago. But are we honoring the principles and liberties that got us here?
We endorse the governor’s call to make this Sunday, July 2, a day of thanksgiving for a year that lifted much of Utah out of a crippling drought.
No one should doubt the value of diversity perspectives on college campuses. Achieving a vibrant post-affirmative action world will require hard work at all levels
A new CDC report finds an increase in suicide among young Americans that predates the pandemic
A proposed limestone quarry near Salt Lake City would mar mountainsides and possibly jeopardize another Olympic bid.
Warnings of overpopulation never led to the catastrophes predicted, but when the world’s population shrinks, big troubles await.
The last U.S. military draft ended 50 years ago. Memorial Day is a time to reflect on how well the nation’s volunteers have served us.
The president is considering using a tortured interpretation of the 14th Amendment to lift the debt ceiling on his own. That’s not what the Constitution envisions.
It sounds like a bad science fiction movie plot, but could AI destroy the world?
Economic prosperity doesn’t come by accident. It requires sound public policies that go beyond merely being business-friendly.
From the start, the Miller family has held a vision of what sports can do to a community. The success of the Jazz ought to make people believe
Some nations that allow religious persecution are left off the State Department’s list of offenders. This needs to stop
Only through quiet contemplation and prayer can we understand the true significance of the most important religious observance on the calendar.