David Irby taught in public schools for 25 years, but says he could no longer handle students’ bad behavior and the parents and administrators who put up with it.
Less than a third of Americans born in the 1980s think democracy is vital. Where did we go wrong?
Several Utah schools are among the targets of unfounded shooting threats happening across the country.
Which BYU leader was the first to have a Ph.D.? And why did enrollment fall when Cecil O. Samuelson was president?
The dean is now on leave. This comes as red states debate over whether to ban DEI offices at public colleges. Is there a better way?
Family, religion, education and entrepreneurship are pillars that can help everyone succeed, educator says.
Born from an idea in 1962, the program conceived by the Deseret News and KSL sought to bring recognition to students in 12 different fields of study, now since grown to 15.
Skyline High School’s Aaron Wang, who is engaged in university research in artificial intelligence, robotics and neuroscience, won the top honor of General Sterling Scholar
Women are receiving their education secretly in underground schools, refusing to lose hope on their future
President has navigated university through a rich, and at times tumultuous, 9 years
A vice president and statistics professor who directed the BYU Committee on Race, Equity and Belonging will be the school’s 14th president.
The Los Angeles Unified School District is the second-largest public school district in the U.S., and the three-day strike will cancel classes for roughly 422,000 students.
The religious text stands out among requests for review of books under Utah’s “sensitive materials” law.
In the first stop of his “Connecting Utah” tour, Utah Gov. Spencer Cox focused on political division and the impacts of social media on youth.
In 2021, 3,734 students applied for emergency medicine, and this year only 2,765 applied.
USU was awarded $2.5 million to launch the Utah Earthquake Engineering Center in hopes of better preparing the state to respond to a major earthquake.
The Texas Education Agency will take control over the district, removing the locally elected school board and superintendent with state-appointed managers.
The acceptable limits of religious beliefs aren’t only being tested at the Supreme Court, but in myriad skirmishes across the country
Prize from Morehouse College honors Latter-day Saint leader for promoting “positive social transformation through nonviolent means.”
Companies like Synthesis teach real-life skills such as dealing with failure and risk.
Standardized education does not benefit students, because students are far from standardized
According to an analysis of political donations, Utah universities are more ideologically balanced than most, with BYU topping the chart.
The current debate over DEI programming is primarily focused on race. But it will affect religion, too.
What Angela Duckworth, the author of “Grit,” said to students at BYU about passion, perseverance and resilience.
Fort Douglas dates back to the Civil War and its history is intertwined with that of the University of Utah, which was established in 1850.
Sharing their experience as women in leadership, Weber State’s deans hope to inspire other female leaders.
This partnership expands the resources of all universities and colleges involved and benefits the schools’ communities too
Prosecutors say the accountant created false invoices, bills and credit card statements, as well as false computer journal entries to claim expenses.
HB215, a bill that passed in the 2023 legislative session, allows for public education funds to be used for private schools including religious schools or homeschool
A former adjunct professor at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota, is the latest target of ‘cancel culture’ for a religious image she showed her class.
The budget includes money for tax cuts, teacher raises, water conservation, housing and homelessness programs.
Owens said he is seeking to empower parents using unused pandemic funds, but critics say his bill would hurt public schools.
Here are the 2023 Deseret News and KSL Sterling Scholar semifinalists from the Southwest Region.
Here are the 2023 Deseret News and KSL Sterling Scholar semifinalists from the Central Region.
If Utahns approve removing the income tax earmark for education, lawmakers will cut the sales tax on food.
Rather than simply argue against vouchers, public schools should offer families reasons to stay.
Thanks to the $15 million earmarked by the legislature for Teen Centers in schools, students in need will receive resources
New legislation calls for schools and the juvenile justice system to use evidence-based approaches to reduce absences.
On BYU: “This is a special place, with special people, and an identity and value system that I haven’t encountered anywhere else.”
With just three days left in the legislative session, lawmakers’ talks with Utah’s education community are continuing, a Senate leader says.
Kindergarten would remain optional for families and schools will continue to offer half-day classes.
Utah public schools are required to set aside time each morning for students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
Zhifan Dong, 19, died in a downtown hotel of a heroin and fentanyl overdose, allegedly injected by her boyfriend, who now faces murder charges.
A GOP lawmaker is proposing that schools implement a rating system for library books and instructional materials.