If standardized tests are failing students, we should be looking for a different solution.
Spencer Brown’s doctor calls him “the one-in-a-million guy.”
Professors in certain disciplines believe they have a ‘moral mission.’ It’s no surprise they’re evangelizing their students.
Apa Sherpa, known as “Super Sherpa,” broke his own climbing record 11 times and is now giving back to his village in Nepal.
The music artist talked about making mistakes, learning from failure and letting go of perfection during her commencement speech at New York University on Wednesday
Pornography is highly addictive and damaging — especially for our young children. Utah legislators are ensuring that schools aren’t a place for kids to find it.
What was once Dixie State University will officially be known as Utah Tech University on July 1. The university has released its new logo and branding.
Student debt is a problem with deep roots. Lawmakers shouldn’t just snip the stems.
The educator was investigated for conversations with former students that a school director termed “inappropriate.”
The University of Utah, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Ivory Homes started construction on a new student housing project that will provide scholarships and other benefits.
In a poll on teacher satisfaction, 44% of educators who responded to a Merrimack College survey said they were “fairly” or “very likely” to leave the profession to pursue a different occupation within two years.
Robots, egg drops and all forms of physics give Utah students a chance to learn through hands-on STEM activities.
A state school board committee met to develop a model policy on school libraries but reached no consensus.
USDA waivers extended to schools during the pandemic that enabled them to provide free meals to all students regardless of income expire at the end of the school year.
A Davis School District psychologist is accused of allegedly sharing a student’s personal information with her husband, who police say used the information to contact the 11-year-old girl and then raped her.
While teachers should be appreciated year-round, Teacher Appreciation Week serves as a reminder to help support, validate and encourage educators.
Supporters say expanding access to early childhood education can close achievement gaps earlier and help learners rebound from impacts of the pandemic.
“There is nothing like the blessing of liberty,” former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice tells SUU’s Class of 2022.
As President Joe Biden considers whether to forgive student loans, Sen. Mitt Romney criticized the potential move.
Harvard is reckoning with its past, starting with a $100 million endowment to address wrongdoings in relation to slavery.
How did Utah fare in the latest U.S. News & World Report’s rankings of the nation’s best high schools?
82 New York City teachers were placed on unpaid leave due to accusations of using fake vaccination cards.
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Former BYU basketball guard Elijah Bryant helped Turkey’s Anadolu Efes win the 2022 Euroleague championship over Real Madrid.
Bob Smith and his son, Jared, handcrafted Uncle Bob’s Butter Country syrup that can be found at a supermarket near you.
The cases still need to be confirmed by the CDC and the health department said no exposure risk has been identified from the individuals, who had traveled to an unidentified country where the disease has been detected.
When Jeff Judkins retired last month, Tom Holmoe began the process of hiring a new women’s basketball coach for the first time in his career.
During oral arguments Monday, the Supreme Court wrestled with what a football coach’s prayers meant to his players
Citing “longstanding failures,” the Education Department is looking at payment records to bring public service loan and income-driven repayment forgiveness closer to reality.
The college has experienced an onslaught of social media attention, phone calls and even doxxing of some staff.
Craig and Kelly Robinson are suing University School of Milwaukee over issues surrounding inclusivity and racial bias.
One of Westminster College’s latest course offerings is about pornography.
Here’s what a new Deseret News/Hinckley Institute of Politics poll found.
Three years after Lauren McCluskey’s murder outside her dorm at the University of Utah, a legislative audit reveals failure to report other student threats in a timely manner.
The Supreme Court will soon revisit the thorny issue of prayer in schools
Sixth graders at Butler Middle School in Cottonwood Heights recently got a taste of what it’s like to be Willy Wonka as part of a candy-making contest. And on Tuesday, they got a chance to sample the winning confection.
The parents claimed Utah public schools were unable to safely fulfill children’s rights to a free public education.
Avoiding insulin resistance is the key to combating diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and myriad other modern maladies, says BYU metabolic scientist Ben Bikman.
Several states are approving raises and education budget increases to combat teacher shortages.
Utah Gov. Spencer Cox signed a slew of education bills on Thursday, including one to expand all-day kindergarten and another to make period products free in schools.
He sold his Mustang so he could buy a wedding ring. Years later, his son made a commercial about it.
The SpaceX billionaire and newly inaugurated University of Utah president have wildly divergent views on the value of an in-person college education.
The COVID-19 pandemic intensified parent activism by stoking parents’ frustrations with school closings, and it has fueled new conservative parent organizations opposed to mask mandates, vaccines and other issues.
Last year saw the most book challenges in two decades, according to the American Library Association
DesignBuildUTAH, a program at the University of Utah College of Architecture and Planning, allows graduate students to immerse themselves in hands-on opportunities to design and build full-scale works of architecture in collaboration with residents of the Native American communities of San Juan County.
Higher rates of teacher turnover can negatively impact students’ math and English language arts proficiency, according to state data.
Educators have been asking for guidance in recent years as questions regarding restrooms, locker rooms and overnight trips have arisen locally and nationally.
A review of federal court cases from 2020 in Utah indicates women are likely to be victims of sex trafficking while 60% of victims of forced labor were male.
A new report claims the ancient Incan city was originally called Huayna Picchu.
Will global sanctions and the possibility of Ukraine becoming a member of the EU impact Vladimir Putin’s ability to sustain invasion?
Amid 10-year-old Izzy Tichenor’s personal trauma, educators dismissed her mom’s report of bullying and failed to timely document concerns.