Two men in the Utah State University aviation program were killed Friday in a small-plane crash in Cache County, officials said.
Preserving the Great Salt Lake is a prime example where the state’s colleges can come together, the University of Utah’s president said.
Generous donors have allowed Dartmouth College to eliminate student loans from financial aid packages, replacing them with grants.
Young men who are ready for committed relationships are in short supply compared to women.
The 1993 BYUSA election was among the most contentious in school history, won by the “radical” son of university president Rex Lee.
The Senate candidate met her father-in-law, LaVell Edwards, while at BYU. He encouraged her desire to serve.
Isom’s first campaign experience stemmed from a BYU political science class
The road to politics for Becky Edwards, Ally Isom and Mike Lee started at Brigham Young University.
College campuses devoid of purpose and community are producing students who are aimless and sad.
Many school calendars were set before the Utah Legislature passed made Juneteenth a state holiday.
Utah Gov. Spencer Cox said Thursday he’s grateful the state hasn’t seen a mass school shooting, but believes the Legislature should “keep an open mind” on gun laws to help prevent potential shootings.
Salt Lake Community College failed to work with a pregnant student to find accommodations when acute morning sickness impacted her ability to attend class.
A look at recent school shootings might reveal both cultural issues and policy issues were contributing factors, Sen. Mike Lee said.
Sarah Merrill had nine children before deciding to attend medical school. Here’s what she learned on her path to graduation.
Alleviating educator burnout has never been more important, according to Gallup researchers
State lawmakers from around the country met to discuss recent legislation they say will help refugees and immigrants adjust to their communities.
Here’s how a team of BYU students are using computer technology to help transcribe the documents of early Latter-day Saint leader Wilford Woodruff.
Viral Facebook post shows 16-year-old Valerie wearing her prom dress in front of her destroyed school.
The women claim the FBI mishandled abuse allegations against USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar.
State GOP Rep. Kira Birkeland says she’s trying to protect children.
Utah Valley University study highlights gaps in civics knowledge and awareness
Board member Natalie Cline claims the survey teaches youths “how to use drugs” and to view suicide as “a legitimate option for dealing with discomfort.”
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The Athletic’s Shams Charania reported on the Utah Jazz’s coaching search, while Substack’s Marc Stein made an observation about a Rudy Gobert trade possibility.
After Friday’s ruling, the power to set abortion policies rests with individual states.
Elective abortions are now illegal in Utah, with few exceptions, after the Legislature’s general counsel determined the state’s trigger ban is legal following the court decision.
Morgan County ranks as the 4th healthiest community in the U.S., according to new rankings by U.S. News & World Report.
A new Deseret News/Hinckley Institute of Politics poll shows 41% of Utahns would vote for Lee and 35% for McMullin if the general election were held today.
Utah civics education prepares the next generation of voters — but the current partisan political climate may be interfering.
Department of Health and Human Services report details COVID-19’s impact on teen health
Now-defunct Everest College in West Valley City was among 105 campuses nationally under Corinthian Colleges Inc.
Western Hills Elementary students improved their reading scores 23% in just one year, winning a wager and forcing Principal Wendy Lovell to kiss a pig during the school’s year-end awards ceremony.
Instead of a typical career day with parents, Whittier Elementary students wrote essays about their dream jobs and “Imagine U. Day” at the University of Utah was born.
Eight Utah students will travel to Washington state in June for another attempt at the human-powered boat race on Puget Sound, this time in a vessel named Credimus, which is Latin for “we believe.”
One of the students who participated said the goal of the walkout was to “pray for the dead and fight for the living.”
The White House denies the latest report about debt forgiveness, which would completely erase student loan debt for one third of borrowers, saying “no decisions have been made yet.”
Elected leaders have a duty “to prevent our kids and educators from being murdered in school,” the principals said in open letter.
A new report says that doing just three things in a certain order is a hedge against poverty in your late 30s.
If standardized tests are failing students, we should be looking for a different solution.
Spencer Brown’s doctor calls him “the one-in-a-million guy.”
Professors in certain disciplines believe they have a ‘moral mission.’ It’s no surprise they’re evangelizing their students.
Apa Sherpa, known as “Super Sherpa,” broke his own climbing record 11 times and is now giving back to his village in Nepal.
The music artist talked about making mistakes, learning from failure and letting go of perfection during her commencement speech at New York University on Wednesday
Pornography is highly addictive and damaging — especially for our young children. Utah legislators are ensuring that schools aren’t a place for kids to find it.
What was once Dixie State University will officially be known as Utah Tech University on July 1. The university has released its new logo and branding.
Student debt is a problem with deep roots. Lawmakers shouldn’t just snip the stems.
The educator was investigated for conversations with former students that a school director termed “inappropriate.”
The University of Utah, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Ivory Homes started construction on a new student housing project that will provide scholarships and other benefits.
In a poll on teacher satisfaction, 44% of educators who responded to a Merrimack College survey said they were “fairly” or “very likely” to leave the profession to pursue a different occupation within two years.
Robots, egg drops and all forms of physics give Utah students a chance to learn through hands-on STEM activities.
A state school board committee met to develop a model policy on school libraries but reached no consensus.