The film about the June 2023 incident is titled ‘Salvaged’
Fox News discussed how censorship is increasing to control political expression online.
Anthony Doerr’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book has been adapted into a Netflix limited series
Wahlberg may be retiring from acting soon, but he’s also opened up about his future plans
Viewers tuning in to new episodes of “Wheel of Fortune’ this week will notice at least one major difference: no Vanna White.
The Charlotte Hornets have revealed new jerseys for the 2023-24 season featuring a MrBeast Feastables patch
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Here’s what to know about Wilson’s new translation of ‘The Iliad’ and why the epic poem remains relevant today
Although her children may sometimes wish they lived in a busier place, Katherine Heigl is adamant that residing outside of the Hollywood bubble — and, more specifically, in a small Utah town —is “the right choice” for her family.
The Kansas City Chiefs started joining in the fun of making friendship bracelets, too.
The game averaged 27 million viewers, making it “the most watched Sunday show since Super Bowl LVII on Fox in February.”
The comedic woes of teenhood are captured by these iconic teen movies.
The actor says he has nothing to do with an ad promoting a dental plan using an artificial intelligence likeness of him.
‘Season 4, I think, so far is going to be our most emotionally challenging season,’ show creator Dallas Jenkins said
‘On Fire’ is not a ‘faith-based film,’ but it has spiritual elements and a strong family focus
Do Democrats want someone other than Biden for their 2024 presidential candidate? Is it too late?
Noelia Voigt became the first Venezuelan American to win
Angie Killian wants to see all Christians, Latter-day Saints included, unite together.
From student uprisings in South Korea to Emperor Penguins marching across Antarctica, these 5 films cover a range of events
There are clean options on your streaming service, your social media feed and at your local comedy club.
My only regret is that there is not a Gerry for every woman on the show
And what should families know before deciding to watch?
With classes like crisis management and creative video, students can learn how to become influencers at university
Fox News discussed the rhetoric used by President Joe Biden and the Democratic party against their opponents, and MSNBC spoke about Biden joining union workers on strike in Michigan.
When the presale for shows that included the Salt Lake City date went live online in April, Bargatze’s website crashed.
Taylor Swift fans are flocking to ticketing websites to check the prices for Kansas City Chiefs tickets.
The group includes singer-songwriter Ryan Innes, The National Parks frontman Brady Parks, and a few musicians from the band Fictionist, among others.
Their love story sounds like the plot of a romantic comedy, so why not watch a football rom-com while you wait for the latest update?
Dinner with Bob Odenkirk and David Cross costs $24,550 but it’s for charity.
The English comedian is facing allegations of rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse
Paul Hollywood, Dame Prue Leith and Noel Fielding will be returning to the show with a new host and 12 new amateur bakers.
“I’m the only guy running that can say everything I’ve promised my voters I would do,” the Florida governor said.
Travis Kelce opened up about dating Taylor Swift and her attendance at his last game during his podcast Wednesday.
Crocs might not have been considered the trendiest of shoe, but the pandemic has led to a boom in sales and since then, it seems the shoe continues to sell
Musicians like Tchaikovsky and The Beatles have played at Carnegie Hall. Soon, so will David Park and Friends
The goal of Matt Willey is to paint 50,000 individual bees as a part of his art initiative called The Good of the Hive.
Late-night talk shows will return to air soon, but the actors strike will still impact fall TV
How does the end of the Writers Guild of America strike impact fall TV?
The Airbnb listing is hosted by none other than Shrek’s trusty sidekick, Donkey.
All the fans the Deseret News spoke with spent anywhere from $600 to well over $1,000 on “Back to the Future” fandom at FanX. None of them showed any signs of buyer’s remorse.
The strike is set to end as Writers Guild of America leaders approve a deal.