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‘The Mandalorian’ episode 4 review: Memes, an epic battle and dedication to faith

The latest episode of the Disney Plus show was full of meme potential and a good lesson about faith

The Child in the fourth episode of “The Mandalorian.”
The Child in episode 4 of “The Mandalorian.”
DTCI Media via Disney

“Star Wars: The Mandalorian” released another episode over the holiday break, and it might be one of the most culturally significant episodes to date since it gave rise to a new Baby Yoda meme.

The episode — called “Sanctuary” — also showed off an epic battle between our main character Mando (Pedro Pascal) and an AT-ST imperial walker, and it gave us a chance to see how Mando’s spiritual connection to the Mandalorian religion still exists even as he searches for a greater purpose.

“Sanctuary” continues to spin the classic western tale of the Mandalorian and his new pal, Baby Yoda, as they travel off world to a backwater planet called Sorgan, which seems to be safe from bounty hunters chasing them down. While there, they protect a pacifist group of farmers protecting their lands from some invaders who have an imperial walker by her side. Mando enlists the help of a former Rebel fighter Cara Dune (Gina Carano) to take down the group and show the group of farmers a successful way forward.

The episode itself is rather formulaic when it comes to “Star Wars: The Mandalorian” content. The show seems to be following a pattern lately where Mando and Baby Yoda travel together somewhere new. They’re chased. They battle. They get out safely. You’re not going to find anything new or unique from this episode in terms of the story or the plot.

But three major moments stand out in the episode and it might be one of the most memorable in the show’s early running.

The memes: The episode begins with Mando and Baby Yoda traveling through space. The two exchange in short dialogue. Mando asks Baby Yoda not to touch a button on the ship. Baby Yoda ignores the command and flips the switch. See the meme — which has become a major GIF on social media — below.

The second meme comes from later in the episode. Baby Yoda, who plays with children at the Sorgan village, sips from a cup. On social media, this has become the new “sip the tea” meme, which you can see below.

The major battle: “Sanctuary” includes one of the most visually striking scenes in the entire series. Mando, Cara and the Sorgan villagers battle with an AT-ST in the middle of the woods. The walker shoots its laser blasts. The Mando battles back and forth. The battle happens at night with a blue glow in the air. The walker shines a brilliant red. The classic red vs. blue colors of “Star Wars” lore shine here. See photos of the fight below.

A shot from the AT-ST battle between Mando and the Imperial walker.
A shot from the AT-ST battle between Mando and the Imperial walker.
DTCI Media via Disney

The religious ties: “Sanctuary” also includes a moment that shows Mando’s deep connection to the Mandalore religion. A widowed mother Omera (Julia Jones) asks Mando whether he has ever taken off his mask. Mando says he hasn’t taken it off in front of another person since he was a child. It’s one of the oaths of a Mandalorian. Mando doesn’t break that expectation. He holds strong to his faith. Holding strong to your religious oaths and expectations is a big theme of this show. Mando is a dangerous character. He kills, he attacks, he fights, he protects. But at his heart, he holds onto his beliefs. And that is a lesson any viewers can accept and embrace.