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Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: Is Baby Yoda there?

A search for Baby Yoda left this reporter empty-handed.

A photo of Yoda plush dolls at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.
A photo of Yoda plush dolls at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.
Herb Scribner, Deseret News

ORLANDO, Fla. — Baby Yoda isn’t at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge ... technically.

The setup: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is planning to open its second ride this week with “Rise of the Resistance,” which will join “Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run” as the two main attractions at the Disney park.

  • Despite the update, Galaxy’s Edge hasn’t incorporated the most recent fan favorite of the Star Wars universe in Baby Yoda.

The character: Baby Yoda — literally a young creature who comes from the same species as Yoda — has gone viral across the internet. The creature, also known as The Child, has had several meme-able moments during the course of “The Mandalorian,” which certainly helps its case for being a viral star.

Still: There are no sign of Baby Yoda at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge yet, unless you make it happen yourself.

Plush dolls: One of the merchant shops inside the Black Spire Outpost marketplace sells plush dolls of the traditional Yoda character. However, they appear a little more cartoonish than Yoda seemed to be. The dolls are small, too, so they do look like baby versions of Yoda.

  • This reporter saw one man wearing a Yoda plush doll inside a baby-carrying pack, which definitely gave off Baby Yoda vibes.

Yes, but: Baby Yoda dolls from “The Mandalorian” are available through Funko. They cost $29.99, according to Entertainment Weekly. An 11-inch version will come from Mattel and cost $24.99.