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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: We reviewed the green and blue milks

Let’s settle the debate.

The photo of the menu at the Milk Stand at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.
The photo of the menu at the Milk Stand at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.
Herb Scribner, Deseret News

ORLANDO, Fla. — Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is a full immersive experience that looks to bring you into the “Star Wars” universe. It attempts to do that by selling you blue and green milk.

The setup: The “Star Wars” franchise has long promoted multicolored milks. In fact, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) can be seen drinking blue milk in the original “Star Wars” film. He later drinks a blue-green colored milk in “The Last Jedi,” spilling some on his beard.

  • Guests at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge can buy green or blue milk at the milk stand.
  • The milks are made of sugar, coconut oil, stabilizers and thickeners, along with some natural flavors.

Blue: The blue milk tases sort of like you’d expect it to taste. There’s a hint of a blueberry flavor with a slightly chalky consistency. The milks are thick almost to the point that they feel like drinking a smoothie. The blue goes down easier and makes for a better leisurely drinking experience.

Green: The green milk has an earthy, plantlike taste to it. There’s a slight tang that sticks around long after the first sip. The green milk takes some getting used to, and it’s definitely not as smooth as the other flavor. Still, there’s something enticing about the planet-based flavor. It feels less like a sugar drink and more like something healthy.

Yes, but: The milk stand doesn’t have any tables or stands for people to use while drinking.

Cost: The costs is $7.99 for one glass, which is less than a full glass of milk, too.

Final thoughts: If you want to just drink the milk to enjoy your experience, plan on buying the blue flavor. The green takes some getting used to and is better for those who want to try something new. First-timers may enjoy the blue since it’s a more authentic to the “Star Wars” story, and it won’t have you slapping your lips together trying to figure out a taste. But don’t totally discount the green. It has its own charm, too. The price is a little steep, so if you’re going to spend, make it a worthwhile one.