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'Avengers: Endgame' writer Christopher Markus hopes two Captain Americas were at Peggy Carter's funeral

Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) carries Peggy Carter's (Hayley Atwell) coffin in "Captain America: Civil War."
Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) carries Peggy Carter's (Hayley Atwell) coffin in "Captain America: Civil War."

SALT LAKE CITY — “Avengers: Endgame” concludes with Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) traveling back in time to live his life with Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), but did this version of Captain America attend his wife’s funeral?

Christopher Markus, who co-wrote “Endgame” and “Captain America: Civil War,” likes to think so.

The original funeral scene in “Civil War” depicts the young version of Rogers acting as a pallbearer for Carter, his partner and love interest during "Captain America: The First Avenger." But in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Markus said he would love it if an elderly Rogers was also able to attend his wife’s funeral.

“I love the idea of there being two Steve Rogers in the timeline. One who lived a long life with Peggy and is in the background of that funeral scene watching his young self carry his wife’s coffin up,” Markus said. “Not just for the time travel mumbo jumbo of it, but for the just weird, personal pain and satisfaction that would be happening between two Steve Rogers there.”

The writer also confirms that despite the time travel rules established in “Endgame” making it difficult for an elderly Captain America to have much influence on the main Marvel timeline, exceptions can be made for the character — “There is no set explanation for Cap’s time travel,” Markus said. notes that Stephen McFeely, Markus’ writing partner, said that explaining the presence of the time-traveler version of Rogers at his wife’s funeral could require the original story to be retconned if Marvel decided to pursue a multiverse-focused story.

"Do they want to tell stories with characters who are gone? Do they want to do prequels? (Black Widow), is that just a straight prequel or is that in some sort of alternate timeline? Do they want to embrace the multiverse or not?” McFeely said.

“Endgame” and “Civil War” director Joe Russo previously hinted in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that Captain America’s journey from a branched reality back to his main timeline could be explored in the future.

“How is he back in this reality to give the shield away? Maybe there’s a story there,” Russo said.

I also previously wrote for the Deseret News that Markus and McFeely always intended for Carter’s two children, who are mentioned in “Civil War,” to be Captain America’s children as well. Markus mentioned that the fact that two unknown people in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have “super-soldier DNA” could be explored in the future.