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Mr. Peanut — the famous cartoon peanut character from Planters — has died. Here’s what happened

Mr. Peanut, the famous cartoon character, has passed away.

SHARE Mr. Peanut — the famous cartoon peanut character from Planters — has died. Here’s what happened
Mr. Peanut passes away at 104, sacrificing himself to save friends Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes in a Super Bowl pregame ad.

MR. PEANUT Passes Away at 104 Years Old, Sacrificing Himself to Save Friends Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes in New Super Bowl Pre-Game Ad

Business Wire

Mr. Peanut — a cartoon character known for advertising a brand of peanuts from the Planters company — passed away after an “ultimate selfless act,” according to his estate. He was 104.

How it happened: Mr. Peanut, who was born in 1916, died after he reportedly “sacrificed himself to save his friends when they needed him most,” according to his estate.

Mr. Peanut’s final words on Twitter came on Jan. 16, when he said, “I appreciate dragons every day. How else do you think we roast our peanuts!”

Mr. Peanut passed away after a car accident. In a pre-Super Bowl advertisement, Mr. Peanut was seen driving the Nutmobile with two fellow men (played by actor Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes) when he has to swerve off the road.

All three jumped out of the van. They hung on a tree branch. The branch couldn’t support all three of them. So Mr. Peanut sacrificed himself.

Social media: Mr. Peanut’s estate has asked for people to share their appreciation for him on social media with the hashtag #RIPeanut.

What they’re saying: Samantha Hess, Planters Brand Manager at Kraft Heinz, spoke about the death.

  • Hess: “It’s with heavy hearts that we confirm MR. PEANUT has passed away at 104 years old. He will be remembered as the legume who always brought people together for nutty adventures and a good time. We encourage fans to tune in to MR. PEANUT’s funeral during the third quarter of the Super Bowl to celebrate his life.”
  • Matt Walsh said, according to a press release: “MR. PEANUT was more than just a friend — he was a hero. His passing has shook me to my core. I’ll do my best to honor his legacy and be there for my friends like he was always there for me even until our last wild ride together. I’ll pay my last respects during his funeral on Super Bowl Sunday. I encourage our entire nation to do the same.”

What’s next: Planters will be doing more than just this Super Bowl ad. The company will work with Vaynermedia to bring the Nutmobile across the country, according to AdAge.