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Disney Plus has a trailer for a new ‘Toy Story’ short film

The ‘Toy Story’ franchise isn’t over yet

Woody learns the true meaning of friendship in “Toy Story.”
Woody learns the true meaning of friendship in “Toy Story.”

“Toy Story 4” apparently isn’t the end of the Toy Story franchise, thanks to Disney Plus.

What’s going on: Disney Plus released a new trailer for an upcoming short film based in the “Toy Story” universe.

  • The film is called “Lamp Life.”
  • It stars Woody, Bo Peep and Giggle McDimples.
  • Annie Potts will return to voice Bo Peep.
  • “Cloak & Dagger” star Ally Maki will voice McDimples.

What happens: The trailer shows that the film will focus on Bo Peep during the years before she meets Woody in “Toy Story 4.” The short film will fill in the gaps between when Bo Peep left Andy’s room and when she finds her own lamp inside of the antique shop in “Toy Story 4.”

  • Bo Peep met her sidekick, Giggle McDimples, during that time period.

What’s next: As I wrote for the Deseret News, “Toy Story 4” included some post-credit scenes that show Woody’s new life after he decides to — spoilers! — stay with Bo Peep on the road instead of going back to a child’s room. There’s also a scene of new character Forky meeting a female version of the toy, so there’s room for a fifth movie in that regard, too.

That said: Tom Hanks seemed confident that he read Woody’s lines for the last time while recording for “Toy Story 4,” per Refinery29.

  • Hanks: “When it came to pass, I felt as though I was on the other side of a river waving to everybody that I had left back in the old country. … You get in your car (and you leave) and you get back through and you think, I have recorded the last moment of the current ‘Toy Story.’”