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Are Chip and Joanna Gaines on ‘The Masked Singer’ season 4?

The internet believes that Chip and Joanna Gaines might be on ‘The Masked Singer’ this year.

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The Snow Owls in the ‘The Group A Play Offs - Famous Masked Words’ episode of THE MASKED SINGER airing Wednesday, Oct. 7.

The Snow Owls in the ‘The Group A Playoffs— Famous Masked Words’ episode of “The Masked Singer.”

Michael Becker, Fox

The internet seems to think that “Fixer Upper” couple Chip and Joanna Gaines may be on the fourth season of “The Masked Singer.”

Social media sleuths believe the Snow Owls — a pair of singing birds — may be the Gaines couple, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Some of the clues given from the Snow Owls include:

  • “We are the Snow Owls, and we’re ready to ruffle feathers and show everyone it takes two to make a dream come true.”
  • “We’re here because performing on stage with someone else is always twice as nice. We’re on our hands and knees hoping for victory. After all, we are birds of ‘Pray.’”
  • “Who is that? You can try and figure out who we are, but as for who is more talented, it’s a tie.”
  • The birds said people haven’t seen them together in awhile but they are having a family reunion.
  • There was a street sign shown with the word “Magnolia.” That’s the name of their business.

There are already some signs it’s the Gaines family. For one, the couple’s biggest show — “Fixer Upper” — has helped people make their dreams come true. And the couple helps others on their hands and knees.

And “birds of ‘Pray?” Well, the Gaines family is notable for sharing their faith through their television shows and media content.

The “Magnolia” thing? Case closed.

Of course, “The Masked Singer” is a show known for surprising people and adding a zig when things zag. So we’ll keep an eye on this to see what happens.