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China released a new ‘Mulan’ movie, too. It was pulled from theaters three days later

The new ‘Kung Fu Mulan’ didn’t make much of an impression at the box office.

A Chinese studio recently released a new “Mulan” film called “Kung Fu Mulan” in China, but the film saw little to no success at the box office.

  • The film’s release came on Oct. 3 — the beginning of “golden week,” which celebrates National Day, according to the South China Morning Post. Movies tend to see a lot of box office success on holidays in China.
  • The film was pulled three days after it was released in theaters.

Key quote:

  • “Someone else made a ‘Mulan (film), (people) cry out that they smeared Chinese culture. Now Chinese people make a ‘Mulan’ like this. I have nothing to say,” one person posted on the Chinese review site Douban, according to the South China Morning Post.

Of note:

The film’s studio — Gold Valley Films — said the film was being pulled because the studio didn’t have enough resources to promote the film during the holidays.

Why it matters:

  • The new live-action remake of “Mulan” from Disney faced backlash for filming in Xinjiang, a region of China that has been accused of human rights abuses.
  • Disney had been criticized after viewers noticed the credits thanked the government there, which had been connected to abuses of Uighur Muslims.
  • In general, the live-action remake wasn’t well-received in China.