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Neon Trees lead singer Tyler Glenn recovers after suffering from a stroke

Neon Trees lead singer Tyler Glenn is in recovery after a stroke.

Neon Trees lead singer Tyler Glenn is in recovery after a stroke.
Neon Trees lead singer Tyler Glenn is in recovery after a stroke.

Tyler Glenn — the lead singer and frontman for Neon Trees — recently revealed in an Instagram post that he is in the hospital recovering after he suffered a stroke.

Glenn said the stroke “resulted in a retina occlusion” in his right eye.

Here’s the full post.

“Hey everyone, I have some freaky news. Last week, I suffered a stroke that resulted in a retina occlusion in my right eye. I woke up Thursday foggy and not seeing clearly out of my right eye. Something resembling a greyish cloud was obstructing my vision. Unfortunately, I waited the day to see if it would improve, googling my symptoms till I spiraled from possibilities. The next morning, still having the vision problem, I went to see an ophthalmologist who alerted me to the retinal edema in the small artery of my eye. It wasn’t just an eye floater like I’d presumed and hoped. He informed me I had had a stroke, and that I should immediately go to the hospital.”

Glenn said he is awaiting lab results but he has a “clean bill of health in my heart and blood.”

  • “I still have the ‘cloud’ in my right eye, which I’m told could eventually dissipate, or my eyes could adapt. I’m grateful for my Mom, who was able to be by my side for this scary ordeal.”

Glenn also has some advice for people who may be feeling a little off — listen to your body.

  • “If you ever feel or experience something in your body that feels off, please don’t wait to get it checked out. You always assume it can’t happen to you until it does.”

Neon Trees revival

Neon Trees had a bit of a resurgence in fall 2019, releasing a lead single for a new album that was their first in five years, according to the Deseret News. But the coronavirus pandemic canceled many of their concert dates.