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Watch: ‘Hamilton’ star Leslie Odom Jr. sings ‘Wait For It’ to remind voters to be patient for election results

“Look, this is pretty clear: Every American who voted deserves to have their voice heard,” says Odom in the video, which comes from the nonpartisan anti-corruption group RepresentUs.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is Alexander Hamilton and Leslie Odom, Jr., is Aaron Burr in “Hamilton.” “Hamilton” is one of several productions making a return to Broadway in the fall.
Lin-Manuel Miranda is Alexander Hamilton and Leslie Odom Jr. is Aaron Burr in “Hamilton.” Odom sang “Wait for It” from “Hamilton” for an election PSA video, encouraging voters to be patient and wait for all of the votes to be counted.
Disney Plus Media Relations

“Hamilton” star Leslie Odom Jr. is encouraging voters to “Wait For It” and be patient for Election Day results in a new PSA, according to CNN.

Odom played Aaron Burr in the original cast of “Hamilton,” and he returned to the hit song from the musical in a video for the nonpartisan anti-corruption group RepresentUs, according to HuffPost.

During the video, Odom sings parts of “Wait For It” and talks about the importance of waiting for every American’s vote to be counted before declaring an election result. The video also features images of American families and voters.

“Look, this is pretty clear: Every American who voted deserves to have their voice heard,” Odom says in the video.

Because of the record number of people voting by mail in this year’s election, the results might not be confirmed in many states on Election Day, according to The Hill. However, President Donald Trump has said that only the results that are reported on Election Day should be counted.

But experts say it is normal to not have the official results on the night of the election.

“We’ve never had official results on election night,” said Tammy Patrick, who is a senior adviser to the elections program at the bipartisan Democracy Fund Voice foundation, according to People.

“These are votes from our grandparents, staying safe from COVID,” said Odom in the PSA video. “Our overseas military, sending in their ballots by mail. Our neighbors, our friends. Nurses, teachers, firefighters. I mean, this is actually simple — voting is one of our fundamental rights and counting votes is the foundation of democracy. It may take time but your vote is worth waiting for, and I’m willing to wait for it.”