“The Mandalorian” released its second episode of season 2 Friday morning, and it was an episode that told us one important thing — there’s a lot more to “Star Wars” than just saving the galaxy.

The episode — titled “The Passenger” — began right after the previous episode with the Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) and the Child (Baby Yoda) heading away from Mos Pelgo to return to their ship. They are attacked by a group of scavengers, who threaten to kill Baby Yoda.

Later, after an escape, Mando and the Child find someone in Mos Eisley who wants to help them find other Mandalorians on a nearby planet. The person is a frog-like alien who is carrying her offspring.

Once they’re on their way to find the Mandalorians, they’re greeted by New Republic soldiers, who threaten to arrest them to save the Republic.

And then, there’s another scene later that might be one of the scariest moments in “Star Wars.” To put it lightly, a mother protects her young. That’s all I will say.

The beauty of “The Passenger” episode is that each little segment tells the same message — people will do whatever they can to protect what they love. In the opening scene, it’s Mando protecting Baby Yoda. Later, it’s the frog alien protecting her offspring. And then the other mother protecting her long-legged offspring. You could even argue the New Republic is trying to protect its government, which is why it’s trying to fight off Mando.

A photo from “The Mandalorian” episode 2 “The Passenger” with Baby Yoda.
A photo from “The Mandalorian” episode 2 “The Passenger” with Baby Yoda. | Disney+ Media Relations

The episode centers around the common theme of parenthood. You will do whatever you can to protect the ones you love.

This fits into the best part of what “The Mandalorian” can do — it shows us that there is more than saving the galaxy that matters. So much of “Star Wars” is about taking down the Empire or the First Order. Plenty of the “Star Wars” stories are about bringing down the government or raising up another. “The Mandalorian” goes another route — telling stories that people matters, family stories matter and local skirmishes matter. It’s about more than defeating the emperor. It’s about staying alive for the next generation.

And that speaks to the overall theme of the franchise. It’s about creating a better world for the future. That’s what “Star Wars” is all about. And this episode perfected that idea. It’s about creating a better world for the younglings and for the next generation.

The only problem for the recent episode of “The Mandalorian” is that it’s too short. It’s quick, it’s over soon and it leaves you wanting more. Like previous episodes, the show makes you feel unfulfilled. You want more. But it leaves it for the next week. That’s typically a good problem since it leaves us wanting to watch the next episode. But the show could really benefit from an extra 20 to 30 minutes, just to give us a little more and really expand the world and universe that these characters live in. The show would do well to add a B or C plot, maybe involving characters like Cara Dune or Greef Karga.

Anyway, “The Mandalorian” hit well again this week with another great episode that definitely adds more to the lore of “Star Wars.” And it hits the theme perfectly. But the show needs to add more time and side plots if it really wants to expand into “Game of Thrones” territory and create a world within itself.