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Here are all the Christmas episodes of ‘The Office’

FILE - This undated image provided by NBC Universal shows a scene from NBC’s “The Office,” showing Steve Carell, front, as Michael Scott. The program was nominated, Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2009, for a Golden Globe for best television series musical or comedy. The awards will be held on Jan. 17, in Beverly Hills, Calif. (AP Photo/NBC, Justin Lubin)
This image provided by NBC Universal shows a scene from NBC’s “The Office,” showing Steve Carell, front, as Michael Scott.
Justin Lubin, NBC/Associated Press

A highlight of NBC’s “The Office” is the show’s Christmas episodes. Every year, people will flock to Netflix to rewatch some of the Christmas classics, which often center around Michael Scott turning a Christmas party into something dramatic.

And, of course, the comedy TV series wouldn’t be complete without Jim’s carefully planned Secret Santa gift for Pam or Dwight’s Schrute holiday traditions.

Each “Office” Christmas episode often has something unique and different compared to other ones. “The Office” fans know each episode is distinct from each other.

Finding the episodes might not be so easy, since not every season of the show has a Christmas episode.

Here is a list of all eight Christmas episodes from the series. “The Office” is available to watch on Netflix until Jan. 1, 2021.

‘Christmas Party’

Season 2, Episode 10

A Secret Santa gift exchange goes awry when Michael turns it into a game of “Yankee Swap.”

‘A Benihana Christmas’

Season 3, Episode 10

Angela kicks Karen off the party planning committee, and Karen and Pam plan a rival Christmas party.

‘Moroccan Christmas’

Season 5, Episode 11

Phyllis plans a Moroccan Christmas party, Meredith sets her hair on fire and Dwight resells a popular Christmas toy.

‘Secret Santa’

Season 6, Episode 13

Michael is upset with Jim lets Phyllis dress up as Santa for the Christmas party, and David Wallace shares some big news about the company.

‘Classy Christmas’

Season 7, Episodes 11-12

Holly returns to cover for Toby during a leave of absence, and Michael forces Pam to throw a second Christmas party. Meanwhile, Jim regrets agreeing to a snowball fight with Dwight.

‘Christmas Wishes’

Season 8, Episode 10

Andy tries to fulfill everyone’s Christmas wishes while Jim and Dwight engage in a prank war.

‘Dwight Christmas’

Season 9, Episode 9

Dwight shares his Schrute Christmas traditions after the party planning committee drops the ball.