“The Mandalorian” recently wrapped up its second season with an epic finale, which featured the return of the iconic Luke Skywalker and the heart-wrenching departure of Grogu (Baby Yoda).

The finale capped off an epic season — one that had mostly high points (and, yes, some low ones). It was the second season of a show that seemed to ignite a positive vibe among all “Star Wars” fans, and it’s only one of many more seasons to come.

We’ve reviewed all the episodes of Season 2. But we wanted to take it a step forward and talk about characters, battles and planets. So, we’ve came up with these “Mandalorian” awards. The Beskar Awards? The Beskies? I don’t know what to call them, but the result is the same — let’s dive in.

The award categories include:

  • MVP — The character who owned the season.
  • Co-pilot — The non-main character who popped on the screen more than any others.
  • Hot streak — Which character made the most of their short appearance on the show?
  • Best squad — Which group of characters who teamed up had the greatest results?
  • Alien of the season — Which alien character had the most success?
  • Best planet — Which planet was the best to visit?
  • Best battle — Which battle was the best of the season?
  • Most memorable moment — Which moment was so memorable you’ll never forget it?
  • Moment you wish hadn’t happened — Plenty of moments were full of cringe or gritted teeth.

MVP — Mandalorian

It’s no question that Mando wins MVP of the season. We saw him break the cultural norms that he’s been accustomed to since the beginning of the show. He removed his helmet — twice — in order to save Grogu. He battled Moff Gideon in a duel. He helped multiple characters out, striking deals to make his way across the galaxy. We saw genuine emotion from the Mandalorian, which gave us a glimpse at his character development, too. He has become a hero who doesn’t necessarily stand by his creed. He does whatever it takes to save the ones he loves. We’ll have to see how this develops further.

Co-pilot — Cara Dune

Cara Dune had another few breakout performances during the show’s second season. She became a New Republic marshal, which later gave aid to Mando and the crew in their pursuit of Moff Gideon’s Imperial ship. Dune even helped the team — likely against the New Republic’s wishes — in rescuing Grogu. She might not have appeared in every episode, but her brief appearances led to success.

Hot streak — Boba Fett

It wouldn’t surprise me if many would give this to Luke Skywalker. He had quite a heat check moment when he stumbled on Gideon’s ship and sliced through Dark Troopers. But the real hot streak goes to Boba Fett. The character appeared several times throughout the season and wrecked all of his opponents when he did. He was also an important character, showing up at the right moment to help Mando find Grogu. Fett survived the depths of despair — almost literally since he was trapped in the Sarlaac pit. Every time he appeared on screen, he won. For those reasons alone, he wins the hot streak award.

Best squad — Bo-Katan, Koska Reeves and Mando

The second season had a number of team-ups, bringing characters together to fight a common enemy. The Mandalorian squad of Bo-Katan, Koska Reeves and the Mandalorian was a perfect mashup of talent. They sought to take down the Empire, which raised several questions about how the Empire sees itself now. But it was great to see a group of Mandalorians team up together. Sure, each of them follows a different creed for the Mandalorian way — Mando wears his helmet all the time, while Bo-Katan takes hers off and paints the mask. But for a show based around the Mandalorians, seeing a group of them work together like this was nothing short of epic and fun. We’ll see if this group works together in the future.

Alien of the season — Frog Lady

OK. You could argue the show has a number of alien creatures. Grogu is an alien, even. But Frog Lady gets this award for her brief cameo in the show’s first three episodes. It was cute to see her carry the offspring on the ship and bring Mando closer to Bo-Katan. And though I could have done without the spiders, Frog Lady’s appearance brought warmth, joy and fun to the show’s early section. Don’t forget her reunion with Frog Man, either. That was a beautiful moment in the show’s history, as it showed two loving creatures coming back together.

Best planet — Maldo Kreis

Sure, this planet wasn’t Ilum or Hoth — the famous “Star Wars” planets — but seeing the icy world in the show’s second episode was a cool breakaway from the dusty worlds we’ve seen before. It wasn’t great seeing all of those spiders attack in the underground of the planet. But the freezing exterior brought about a new vibe to the show that we hadn’t seen. And there’s just something ... cool ... about “Star Wars” on ice worlds.

Best battle — Ahsoka vs. Magistrate

Ahsoka Tano needs to be on this list. And she makes it for having the best battle sequence for when she battled the Magistrate on Corvus. Ahsoka used her two white lightsabers, while the Magistrate used a Beskar staff. This was the first duel in “Star Wars” live-action history with two women, and it delivered. Ahsoka was as talented as ever with her lightsaber, showing her skills have not wavered. The Magistrate was a strong contender with her Beskar, too, even though she was later defeated.

Most memorable moment — Luke Skywalker’s return

So Luke almost won the award for hot streak, since he literally came into the show for a quick heat check and then bounced. But overall, his epic return to the franchise has to rank as the most memorable moment for Season 2. It’s the moment everyone will be talking about in the future — the one that defined the show’s connection to the “Star Wars” legacy. People will be talking about this moment for years. And it will have an impact on the story itself. it was the moment where Grogu left Mando and the state of play for the show changed as we move into Season 3.

Moment you wish hadn’t happened — The spiders!

Ugh. Don’t get me started on the spider moment in Episode 2. It was terrifying for any arachnophobe, but it was also a little too hokey for my taste. You could see the moment coming a mile away, and the results of the spider attack seemed obvious. It was one of the few moments of the season where I contemplated whether or not Season 2 would have the strength to stand up against Season 1. And when you compare it to the other big moments of the season, the spider attack is dreadfully forgettable. We probably could have avoided this scene altogether and seen a different climactic moment in the second episode.