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Mario Kart playing habits revealed in new study

What are the top 10 Mario Kart characters? What are the most popular items? Here’s a look.

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Waluigi races on “Mario Kart 8.”

Waluigi races on Mario Kart 8.


A new survey has revealed a look at how people play the game Mario Kart, revealing which characters people play with and which items they use most.

What’s going on?

A new survey — which comes from Redex, a car performance brand — looked into the internet’s playing habits for the Mario Kart video game.

  • The report used a survey and Google Search data to see the popular characters, the least and last favorite games, courses and items, too.

Who are the top 10 Mario characters?

The survey found the top 10 Mario Kart characters to be:

  • Mario — 11%.
  • Peach — 11%.
  • Yoshi — 8%.
  • Toad — 8%.
  • Baby Peach — 5%.
  • Toadette — 4%.
  • Luigi — 4%.
  • Donkey Kong — 4%.
  • Villager (girl) — 3%.
  • Wario — 3%.

What are the favorite and least favorite items?

The survey found out what people like to use most (and least) in Mario Kart.


  • Mushrooms.
  • Starman.
  • Bullet Bill.
  • Golden Mushrooms.
  • Triple Mushroom.
  • Triple Banana.
  • Triple Red Shell.
  • Five flower.
  • Boo.
  • Bob-Omb.

Least favorite:

  • Bullet Bill.
  • Banana.
  • Fake item box.
  • Triple Banana.
  • Bob-Omb.
  • Boo.
  • Piranha Plant.
  • Spiny Shell.
  • Superhorn.
  • Feather.

More details

The survey found a number of other interesting notes about people who play Mario Kart.

  • 40% of players say falling off the course is the most annoying thing about playing the game.
  • 65% of players said they wouldn’t let their partner win Mario Kart.
  • 25% of players play Mario Kart for more than three hours in one sitting.
  • 70% of players said they played video games later at night.