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‘Star Wars’ could unveil details about Taika Waititi’s new movie

Disney will reportedly offer details on Star Wars and Marvel projects this week. Will we learn anything about Taika Waititi’s movie?

This Jan. 27, 2020 file photo shows Taika Waititi at the 92nd Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon in Los Angeles.
This Jan. 27, 2020, file photo shows Taika Waititi at the 92nd Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon in Los Angeles.
Jordan Strauss, Invision via Associated Press

We could learn new details about an upcoming “Star Wars” movie this week, and it could be one from Taika Waititi.

What’s going on?

Disney will likely announce its upcoming slate for 2021 at an investors meeting Thursday, which could include new projects form Marvel, Lucasfilm and Pixar, according to Deadline.

  • Disney is expected to show releases for streaming services and for movie theaters, showing a dedication to movie theaters.

What could it be?

One of the upcoming “Star Wars” projects includes an untitled “Star Wars” film from Taika Waititi that was announced back in May.

  • Lucasfilm tapped Waititi — who had recently won best adapted screenplay for “Jojo Rabbit” and directed the first season finale episode of “The Mandalorian” at the time — to direct a new “Star Wars” film.

The announcement was made on May 4 (May the 4th), which is considered “Star Wars Day,” showing the importance of the new project.

  • No release date was announced.

Any rumors?

There are plenty of “Star Wars” rumors out there when it comes to new production. There were some rumors for awhile that the next “Star Wars” project would focus on the era of The High Republic, which is about 200 years before “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.”

However, “Star Wars” later announced a series of comic books and novels that would take place during that High Republic era. Those comics and books will be released beginning this month.

We’re already expect to see stories told from the pre-”A New Hope” era with the “Star Wars: Kenobi” series, and we’re seeing post-”Return of the Jedi” content with “The Mandalorian.” It’s possible we could see post-sequel trilogy stories, which takes us into the future of the universe.