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John Krasinski explains how he convinced his wife to do a dangerous scene in ‘A Quiet Place II’

Krasinski spoke with Ellen DeGeneres about the new film

John Krasinski plays Lee Abbott in “A Quiet Place.”
John Krasinski plays Lee Abbott in “A Quiet Place.”
Jonny Cournoyer, Paramount Pictures

A Quiet Place II” director John Krasinski recently explained how he convince his wife, Emily Blunt, to do a dangerous scene in the new movie.

What did he say?

  • Krasinski spoke on “The Ellen Show” about why he felt drawn back to the world of “A Quiet Place,” considering he had no interest in doing a sequel.
  • He said he would appear in early parts of the film, which show how the villainous creatures first invaded Earth and the ramifications of their attack, according to
  • Early trailers show Krasinski’s character — who died in the first film — appearing in the second film during these flashback moments.
  • These trailers show Blunt’s character driving a car as these aliens crash onto Earth, according to
  • Krasinski said: “I put her in a car and I said, ‘All right, you’re gonna go top speed down this car, car’s gonna come at you, it’s like not a big deal, then you’re gonna hit a person. Then you’re gonna keep going and then a bus is gonna come at you at like 40 miles an hour and then it’s gonna hit the front of your car!’

More family moments

  • Krasinski talked openly about his family — Blunt, along with daughters Violent (18 months) and Hazel (4), according to People magazine.
  • Krasinski: “They’re amazing. They’re so much fun. I feel like every time people talk about their kids on this, people are like, ‘We all have kids, ugh.’ But they’re amazing, and they’re geniuses.”
  • Krasinski told a story about how he tried to sing her a song to keep her entertained on a rainy day. Her daughter recognized the song and she said, “That deep!” She’s only 18 months old.